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March 29, 2017

The Who’s Roger Daltrey: Brexit the ‘Right Thing for this Country’

Roger Daltrey, founder and lead singer of the English rock band The Who, reiterated his support for Britain’s independence from the European Union in an interview this week.

The United Kingdom officially filed to leave the European Union on Wednesday, and the London-born rocker says he supports Brexit because a “majority of this country felt that their voices weren’t being heard.”

“We are getting out, and when the dust settles I think that it’ll be seen that it’s the right thing for this country to have done, that’s for sure,” Daltrey told NME.

“I am not anti-European, but I am anti the present way we are being governed in Europe,” Daltrey explained “It’s got nothing to do with any of the immigration issues or any of that for me. It was to do with much more. The majority of this country felt that their voices weren’t being heard. It would have been nice to do a deal with Europe but they didn’t want to do a deal, and they sent Cameron back with a bag.”

He added: “I’m sad we voted how we voted, but I think we have to go with it now. This country will always be alright, I don’t worry about it. You know it’s going to be bumpy on the way—we expected that; the ones that voted to get out. But Iceland had it a bit bumpy when they went bankrupt, but oh not now.”

Daltrey previously expressed support for Brexit in May, saying the European Union was “set up by a bunch of crooks” and was “undemocratic” and “highly dysfunctional.”


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‘Security Risk’: Cologne Cover Up Politician Blocked Deportation of Berlin Attacker

The German state interior minister who turned down the opportunity to deport Berlin attacker Anis Amri nine months before he stole a lorry and crashed it into a Christmas market and killed 12 has been called a “security risk” by parliamentarians, amid calls for his resignation.

Socialist party North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) interior minister Ralf Jäger, who was also the politician responsible for the inadequate police response on the night of the 2015 Cologne New Year’s Eve migrant attacks, reportedly saw security reports on Berlin killer Anis Amri in March 2016. The asylum seeker used the Telegram messaging app to speak in code with contacts in Tunisia, telling them he intended to launch a suicide attack in Germany, according to documents seen by Bild Am Sonntag.

In response to the intelligence, police investigators concluded: “The prognosis is that Amri poses a threat in the sense of a terrorist attack… from the surveillance of its telecommunications, a terrorist attack is to be expected.”

Police called to have Amri deported in light of the information but were turned down by his interior ministry, with Jäger himself making clear his opinion that a deportation order was not legally enforceable. At the time of the Berlin attack, Anis Amri was marked for deportation; but despite the fact he was being monitored by the security services, the use of several identities and hold-ups with his paperwork meant he was still free.

Armin Laschet, a North Rhine-Westphalia politician of Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party, said the papers were “clear proof” that as interior minister, Jäger had failed in his duty. Calling for his resignation, Laschet said: “These new revelations are dramatic. Interior Minister Jäger is a security risk for people all over Germany.”


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March 27, 2017

Spain’s EU exit on horizon as ‘only a miracle’ can save nation from debt bubble BURSTING (Video)

Spanish university professors and economists are calling on Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy to come clean over its debt burdens as calls for the country to leave the European Union (EU) grow.

And they say it is absolutely essential that the People’s Party-led government immediately produce accurate figures over the country’s GDP as debt burdens weigh on hardworking families.

The average Spanish family is crippled with £118,000 (€136,000) in debt brought on by years of mismanagement, it has been warned.

But leading economist Robert Centeno says the unstable administration led by Rajoy which has been in gridlock since the controversial election in 2015 is not being honest about Spain’s current economic conditions.

And there are growing calls for him to disclose figures amid serious concerns Spain could be set to default on loans which cannot conceivably be paid off for half a century.

Mr Centeno said: “People don’t really know what type of menace the national debt is for their lives.

“The mass media in Spain simply certify the ‘official’ figures that the government gives.


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‘We must close our borders’ Le Pen calls for end of ALL immigration to stop ISIS in France (Video)

Marine Le Pen says she wants to stop all immigration to France in a bid to stop ISIS terrorists.

The leader of the Front National said she wants to end all immigration and boost France’s borders in the wake of the migrant crisis.

Marine Le Pen said terrorists have used the crisis to infiltrate France to carry out deadly attacks.

ISIS claimed responsibility for the Paris terror attacks in November 2015 and the Nice Bastille Day attack that have seen France in a continued state of emergency.

She said: “I want to provide security. In this flow of migrants there are terrorists who have slipped in. At least four who managed to get in with the flow of migrants.

“ISIS told us they were going to wreak havoc. Once again we must close our borders.

“The French can no longer deal with it, they no longer want migrants sent to different towns and villages without asking their permission.”

Ms Le Pen, who has been leading opinion polls to win the first run off in the French presidential election next month, said France cannot depend on Greece or Italy to help stem the number of migrants arriving in Europe.

Questioned on immigration alongside the four other candidates in France’s presidential election in a televised three-hour debate, Ms Le Pen said France must scrap welfare for migrants.

She said: “We must put a stop to legal and illegal immigration. I’ve been saying the same thing. 200,000 illegal immigrants have been coming into France each year.


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March 26, 2017

Goldman Sachs Tells Investors Marine Le Pen Could Be France’s Next President

Like Brexit and Donald Trump, Marine Le Pen could defy predictions to become president of France later this year, Goldman Sachs strategist Bobby Vedral has said, noting how “political correctness leads people to lie in the polls.”

Global head of Goldman Sachs’ MarketStrats group, Vedral said the market is too complacent over the upcoming election in France.

This week, he sent customers his analysis by email which read: “while the base case is that she won’t, it is at best naive, at worst negligent to assume she can’t.”

While he agrees with polls, which show arch-globalist former banker Emmanuel Macron will be made president of France in May, the strategist cautioned that there is data in the surveys which raises doubts.

When asked who they would vote for in the second round of the election in May (a runoff between the top two vote-getters if no one wins more than 50 per cent of the vote in the first round on April 23), a significant proportion of respondents answered “don’t know”, with the proportion reaching as high as 42 per cent, depending on the candidate mix.

Citing the “shy voter” theory, the idea that people can be reluctant to tell pollsters they intend to vote for a right-wing option in elections — thought to have been at work when electorates opted for Brexit and Donald Trump — Vedral said he believes that a large number of those people don’t want to admit they will vote for populist Marine Le Pen.


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Grooming Victim Whose Life Was ‘Destroyed’ Slams Rotherham Authorities

Rotherham grooming victim Sammy Woodhouse has said she was “betrayed” by authorities in the town, who failed to act on the violent child rapist for fear of “being perceived as racist”.

Now campaigning for other victims of sexual abuse, she said she was “just one of dozens of girls… exploited and viewed as white trash” in Rotherham by Arshid Hussain, a drug dealer ten years her senior from a notorious family of criminals.

“He took everything from me: my loving family, my future, my friends”, Woodhouse told the Mail, recalling that she had “just turned 14” when the then 24 year old began the grooming process.

“He became controlling, possessive and he’d batter me. But the scars of the mental abuse took longer to fade than the bruises. He used to tell me that without him I was nothing and nobody.

“For four or five years, there were times I was so depressed I couldn’t get out of bed. At my lowest point, I wanted to take my own life.”

Woodhouse’s parents were distraught when they learned Hussain was having sex with their daughter, but the “manipulative” rapist told her people’s concern was borne of racism.

“Your dad just doesn’t like me because he’s a racist”, Woodhouse was told.


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Sweden: Half of jogging women molested

Police in Helsingborg should train their dogs in Pålsjö forest now. This follows a survey showed that over half of the country’s women are molested when they jog.

Over half of women are molested and subjected to sexual harassment while jogging. There is a nationwide survey of exerciser women made out of a magazine for runners, writes Swedish Television News.

Therefore, the police in Helsingborg started a new project that aims to train police dogs in löparspåren in Pålsjö forest, where women previously infected.

– We’ll try to spread the safety of the jogging track, says Thomas Andersberg, head of the dog handlers to SVT.

But not only. Because the police are training their dogs around the clock, it will also be safer in the wake of exercise regardless of time of day.

The project begins in mid-April. Then fourteen jogging and walking the dog handler, with yellow police vests are in Pålsjö forest.

After the summer ends the project, at least temporarily, and evaluated.


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How a Soviet mole united Tito and Churchill

Secret reports on one of the most controversial British undercover operations of the Second World War are to be released on Monday, showing that a Soviet spy may have been responsible for the British switching support to Tito’s forces in the former Yugoslavia.

The documents, including transcripts of secret wartime signals to London, are being released by the Public Records Office. They will show evidence of the role played by James Klugmann – the Soviet mole who converted the British spy, Donald Maclean, to Communism – in switching British allegiance from a Yugoslav royalist resistance leader called Mihailovich to Tito, at a critical point in the Second World War.

By switching support to Tito’s forces, the Special Operations Executive (SOE) helped to force the German retreat, but it cost Mihailovich his life – he was executed after the war as a collaborator – and ensured that the former Yugoslavia remained a Communist state under Tito’s control.

SOE spies who fought in the Balkans included the former Tory MP Julian Amery. Other famous names who flit in and out of the tales of SOE derring- do and duplicity in the region included Paddy Leigh Fermor and Major Anthony Quayle, the screen actor.

Rupert Allason, author of spy books under the pen name Nigel West, and a former Tory MP, said the real issue raised by the papers was the reason for the British Government’s backing of Tito. Nothing had been known about Tito – Fitzroy Maclean, a British agent, thought he was a woman – and the Government became convinced that Mihailovich was a collaborator with the Germans – something the “Ultra” code intercepts showed to be untrue.


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Viktor Orban: The EU Has Orchestrated the Invasion of Europe (Video)

The Hungarian leader makes a brilliant speech on the EU migrant crisis and the unwillingness to discuss it. No one has the will to call it what it really is: an invasion.

March 24, 2017

Westminster Attacker ‘British Born’, Known to MI5

Prime Minister Theresa May has confirmed the Westminster attacker who killed three on Wednesday was “British-born” and had been investigated by security forces in the past.

Speaking in parliament, Mrs May said the man was known to police and MI5 and had been investigated “some years ago” “in relations to concerns about violent extremism”.

However, she described him as a “peripheral figure” and said, “the case is historic”.

“He was not part of the current intelligence picture”, the Prime Minister added. “His identity is known to the police and MI5, and when operational consideration allow he will be publicly identified”.

She also confirmed that six addresses in Birmingham and London had been searched in relation to the investigation and police had made seven arrests.

The terror threat level, Mrs May said, had been set at “severe” (it’s second highest level) meaning that an attack was “highly likely”. At the next, highest level, the security forces would consider an attack “imminent”.


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