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The continuing destruction of London, caused by the ever-soaring population (Video)

London is being systematically demolished and replaced with vast swathes of anonymous blocks of flats which look as though they could be in any part of the world. In doing so, the character of the city is being dismantled.

Offered Business On England’s Worst Street (Video)

Britain; the world’s sixth biggest economy. But what is life like for the average Brit outside of the capital city? Well, I went to investigate and what I found wasn’t too promising. Join me on a journey into the provinces of this once great country for what might be my most brutal adventure yet…

Sweden Releases DISTURBING Reality (Video)

Sweden has around 62,000 persons linked to criminal gangs, police say

“Ireland is full!” Anti-immigration backlash in Ireland Documentary (Video)

Ireland’s anti-immigration backlash has spiralled into country-wide unrest in recent months after a sharp rise in the number of foreigners arriving onto its shores. Protests, arson attacks and hardening anti-immigration views have transfused Irish politics with a fervour not seen since the Troubles.

French Citizens Strongly REJECT EU Establishment (Video)

French far right poised for record surge in EU election, poll shows

Dutch To-Be PM Geert Wilders Lashes out at Migrants for Rioting in The Hague, Netherlands (Video)

Dutch right-wing leader Geert Wilders condemns violence, promises order restoration amid chaos caused by outsiders attacking police and burning vehicles, vowing to become prime minister to address societal unrest.

Lecture | Genetic History of Europe Adaptation and Migration in Prehistory | Johannes Krause (Video)

Ancient DNA can reveal prehistoric events that are difficult to discern through the study of archaeological remains and modern genetic variation alone. Over the last decade, the newly founded field of archaeogenetics has analysed more than 5,000 ancient human genomes spanning the last 10,000 years of Western Eurasian prehistory.

‘You Want To Put Ukraine First?’: Rand Paul Explodes At Democrats And Republicans Over Foreign Aid (Video)

In remarks on the Senate floor Monday, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) spoke out against the foreign aid supplemental bill.

What is it with Nigerians? (Video)

The news that many Nigerian nurses in Britain have fake qualifications will surprise very few people.

The REAL reasons behind London’s new Woke tube lines (Video)

They are designed to tell you you’ve lost your capital city. Let’s unravel the layers of hidden meaning, shall we?