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September 11, 2017

British Red Cross ‘Too White’, Chief Exec Calls Words ‘British’ and ‘Cross’ a ‘Challenge’

British Red Cross chief Mike Adamson has claimed the charity struggled to deal with the Grenfell disaster because staff and volunteers are too white.

“There is a risk that in a very diverse community like Grenfell, an organisation with the words ‘British’ and ‘Cross’ in its title is confused with a Christian establishment organisation,” he wrote, in a blog for the New Philanthropy Capital think tank.

Though stating that the charity is “completely impartial” in its work, Adamson added: “There is no escaping the fact that with shining exceptions, such as our refugee services, we are nowhere near as diverse as we need to be in our volunteer base, our staffing or our leadership.”

Announcing that he is “personally leading” the charity’s “inclusion and diversity strategy”, Adamson said the British Red Cross is “changing massively to be relevant to the world of today and tomorrow.”

He was slammed by commenters at the Times website — which reported Adamson a having “admitted the charity struggled with the Grenfell disaster because its workforce is too white” — for “apologising for [the British Red Cross’] very existence, its name and not being ‘diverse’ enough.”


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September 7, 2017

Terrorism, Migrants, Extremism at Top of Germans’ Fears Ahead of Election

Terrorism, political extremism, and social tensions due to mass migration are Germans’ greatest concerns ahead of the federal election, according to a survey.

The annual survey by R & V insurance published Thursday reveals that at the top of Germans’ concerns was terrorism, with 71 per cent of respondents saying they were fearful of potential terror attacks, reports Die Welt.

The results of “The Fears of Germans 2017” show a marked change compared to just over one month ago when Germans responded to a similar survey, conducted by the Kantar Emnid opinion research centre, where respondents claimed that their greatest concern was climate change (71 per cent) with terror attacks in third place at 63 per cent.

The month of August saw a spate of acts of terrorism across Europe including a sword attack on police outside Buckingham Palace, a 37-year-old Algerian mowing down six French soldiers on the streets of Paris, and the Catalonia terror attacks which saw an Islamist cell of a dozen Moroccan and Moroccan-origin men commit vehicular ramming attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils, Spain.


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Europe Is Killing Itself – Pat Condell (Video)

Pat Condell: In view of YouTube’s unpredictable censorship policy, I’ve posted my new video to Vidme.

Winston Churchill’s Worst Mistake That We Are Still Paying For (2004) – Video

Christopher Catherwood (born 1 March 1955) is a British author based in Cambridge, England and, often, in Richmond, Virginia. He has taught for the Institute of Continuing Education based a few miles away in Madingley and has taught for many years for the School of Continuing Education at the University of Richmond. He has been associated each summer with the University of Richmond’s History Department, where he is its annual summer Writer in Residence, and where most of his recent books have been written.

September 6, 2017

Hungarian PM Orban: ‘The Islamization of Europe Is Real’

In a powerful address this week, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban stated that Hungary’s “fiercest opponents” do not come from within but from abroad, and that Europe is falling victim to “Islamization.”

In his annual address to the Civic Picnic in Kötcse over the weekend, Orbán reiterated his opposition to heavy-handed outside influence in Hungarian affairs, as well as his conviction that Europeans have not yet come to grips with the real threat posed by Islam.

Citing studies which suggest that more than 60 million migrants will depart from Africa towards Europe during the next 20 years, increasing Western Europe’s Islamic population to above 20 percent by 2030, Orbán stated: “The Islamization of Europe is real,” whereas in China or the United States “it doesn’t stand a chance.”

Orbán has vigorously opposed the European Union’s imposition of migrant quotas on individual member states, insisting that such questions are matters of national sovereignty and must be decided by each country and its people.

This past June, Orbán expressed his opposition to transferring any further decision-making authority to Brussels, especially regarding areas that touch directly on Hungarian sovereignty, such as immigration, the fixing of taxes and wages, and Hungary’s border fence.


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September 5, 2017

Farage: We’re in for decades of bloody jihadi fight that we’ve brought upon ourselves (Video)

Sobering comments from Britain’s Brexit Leader.

Farage said: “I think were in for decades now of a very difficult and literally bloody fight and I believe we’ve brought it on upon ourselves.”

The former UKIP Leader pointed out that “no one had said sorry” after attacking him for warning of the threat posed by jihadis seeking to exploit the migrant crisis years ago. He added that “even his most pessimistic view of what was going to happen” has been “far exceeded by truth and reality”.

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September 1, 2017

Staff Fear for Their Safety as Hospitals Across Sweden See Rise in Violent Crime and Death, Rape Threats

Healthcare professionals working in Swedish hospitals are living in fear as a result of threats and violence from criminal patients and their extended families.

Local media reports that staff caring for gunshot victims, many of whom are criminals and people injured in gang related violence, are threatened with death and rape as patients’ “clans” storm the hospital.

“It has become almost a given in some situations that we will see victims’ relatives charging into the hospital wards and issuing verbal threats to healthcare workers,” said an emergency room nurse working at Vrinnevis Hospital in Norrköping, who wished to remain anonymous.

Surveying 15 of Sweden’s largest hospitals, SVT News said it is “becoming more and more common” that hospital staff see “the mood become threatening” when treating gunshot victims, and patients with connections to gangs or the country’s criminal underworld.

As a result of the threats and violence being spread in Swedish hospitals by gangsters, criminals, and clans, healthcare workers often hide their name badges to conceal their identities, fearing assaults outside of working hours, and even attacks on their families on children.


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August 30, 2017

Police call for the Notting Hill Carnival to be banned after 31 officers are attacked during the two-day event

Police were slashed with broken bottles, spat at, bitten and had acid thrown at them. In one of the worst confrontations, three PCs had bloody spit sprayed in their faces. Frontline police said ‘enough is enough’ and called for organisers to help safeguard them. Four people were stabbed, more than 300 arrested and dozens of weapons seized.

The Notting Hill Carnival was branded a disgrace last night after it was revealed that 31 police officers were attacked during the two-day event.

They were slashed with broken bottles, spat at, bitten and had acid thrown at them.

In one of the worst confrontations, three PCs had bloody spit sprayed in their faces by a man claiming to be HIV positive.

Frontline police said ‘enough is enough’ and called for organisers to help safeguard those who dedicate their lives protecting others.

Four people were stabbed, more than 300 arrested and dozens of weapons seized during Europe’s biggest street carnival. Although there were fewer arrests than last year’s record 454, a three-week crackdown had seen hundreds banned from attending.

Ken Marsh, chairman of the Metropolitan Police Federation representing the capital’s 32,000 rank-and-file officers, said at least 31 officers were attacked.

‘We cannot carry on like this. It is a disgrace,’ he said. ‘My brave colleagues were attacked for just doing their job.

‘This is not acceptable. What other event would be allowed to carry on regardless with so many police colleagues under attack?’


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August 29, 2017

UK: Police admit treating “old stock Brits” as second-class citizens (Video)

“Don’t expect police to come out after a crime if you’re healthy, middle-aged and speak good English”

A study by the prestigious University of Cambridge says that since police officers started wearing body cameras, complaints against police have fallen by 93 per cent.

So that’s great news.

But what about when police racism is caught on tape, and even being bragged about?

The deputy commissioner of Scotland Yard — also known as the Metropolitan Police, the police force for Greater London — said in an interview that, as one newspaper put it:

“Don’t expect police to come out after a crime if you’re healthy, middle-aged and speak good English”


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August 28, 2017

Swedish Businesses Helpless as Security Firms Refuse to Work in No-Go Zone

Swedish businesses in the Stockholm no-go zone suburb of Husby have been left feeling helpless to vandalism and robbery as no security firm will accept a contract to patrol the town centre.

The local government promised that by April there would be security guards in the centre of Husby in order to mitigate the violence and vandalism that is common in the area.

At the end of 2016, shopkeepers in the area kept their shops closed to protest the ongoing chaos but now it looks increasingly unlikely the promised security guards will ever come, Stockholm paper Mitt i Stockholm reports.

“Nobody dares to watch Husby centre. The businessmen are left in the ditch,” said Salam Kurda, local grocer and chairman of the corporate association in Husby. Whilst there have been CCTV cameras set up in the area, the local business owners say it is not enough.

“We have been screaming for years that there is chaos in our area. It’s a deserted area. It feels like this, with the guards, was just propaganda,” Kurda said, adding that he is giving up on the area entirely and plans to close his shop and move elsewhere.


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