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Victor Davis Hanson On Trumpism Versus Obamaism (Video)

Donald John Trump is the 45th and current president of the United States. Before entering politics, he was a businessman and television personality. Trump was born and raised in Queens, New York City. He attended Fordham University for two years and received a bachelor’s degree in economics from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Barack Hussein Obama II is an American politician and attorney who served as the 44th president of the United States from 2009 to 2017. A member of the Democratic Party, Obama was the first African-American president of the United States. He previously served as the U.S.

Let’s Stop Ignoring the History of Conquests and Atrocities Committed by Non-Europeans

Essentially, empire building is typical of several cultures. Furthermore, since empires usually result in negative and positive effects, it would be prudent to judge them based on their long-term impacts. The truth is that Western empires are special, because notwithstanding their flaws, only in the West did freedom become a cherished value. 

Of extreme interest to many in academia is the impact of Western imperialism on former colonies. Exploring the implications of Western hegemony has become a cottage industry. There is a litany of studies examining colonial legacies in the developing world. For instance, distinguished scholars James Robinson and Daron Acemoglu trace underdevelopment in some countries to the institutional legacies of colonialism. History shapes the future, so we should never suggest that examining the effects of Western colonialism is an unworthy goal. But the fascination with the exploits of Westerners is quite strange. Listening to some commentators, one would assume that only white people launched empires. For instance, Nikole Hannah Jones in a letter she penned as a college student perfectly demonstrates a mindset prevalent even among educated adults: “The white race is the biggest murderer, rapist, pillager, and thief of the modern world….Europeans have colonized and destroyed the indigenous population of every continent on this planet. They have committed genocide against cultures that have never offended them in their greed and insatiable desire to control…every nonwhite culture.”


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Complete Classic Movie: Behind Enemy Lines (2001)

Fighter navigator Chris Burnett wants out: he was looking for something more than the boring recon missions he’s been flying. He finds himself flying the lone Christmas day mission over war-torn Bosnia. But when he talks pilot Stackhouse into flying slightly off-course to check out an interesting target, the two get shot down. Burnett is soon alone, trying to outrun a pursuing army, while commanding officer Reigert finds his rescue operation hamstrung by politics, forcing Burnett to run far out of his way.

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Report: DOJ Antitrust Lawsuit Against Google Focuses on Search Engine Monopoly

A recent report claims that Google’s search engine is about to face major challenges as the DOJ readies an antitrust lawsuit accusing the tech giant of crushing competition to protect its monopoly.

A recent report from Bloomberg claims that Google’s Search product, one of Google’s most profitable businesses, could soon be facing major legal issues as the U.S. government reportedly readies an antitrust lawsuit against the internet giant, accusing it of its massive power to protect and extend its search engine monopoly.

The DOJ has conducted a 14-month investigation and is now reportedly focusing on whether or not Google alters search results to favor its own products and whether it restricts access to users to shut out rivals, according to sources close to the investigation.

Google controls approximately 90 percent of the online search market in the United States, rivals to the company have long claimed that it uses its significant power and influence to shut down competition across the internet. European competition regulators have fine Google billions of euros already for breaking antitrust laws bu U.S. regulators have mostly left the company untouched since a probe by the Federal Trade Commission was closed in early 2013 with no action taken.


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Complete Classic Movie: Spy Game (2001)

CIA operative Nathan Muir (Redford) is on the brink of retirement when he finds out that his protege Tom Bishop (Pitt) has been arrested in China for espionage. No stranger to the machinations of the CIA’s top echelon, Muir hones all his skills and irreverent manner in order to find a way to free Bishop. As he embarks on his mission to free Bishop, Muir recalls how he recruited and trained the young rookie, at that time a sergeant in Vietnam, their turbulent times together as operatives and the woman who threatened their friendship.

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Sanctuary Los Angeles Frees Illegal Aliens Charged with Murder, Sex Crimes

The sanctuary jurisdiction of Los Angeles County, California, continues to release illegal alien career criminals back into communities, including those charged with murder and child sex crimes.

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency detailed in a report the extent to which Los Angeles County officials are taking measures to shield criminal illegal aliens from arrest and deportation.

In one case, for instance, a 40-year-old illegal alien from El Salvador was released back into the community on August 26 after having been convicted of homicide, robbery, and terrorist threats.

Another example involves a 34-year-old illegal alien from Mexico who was released on August 23 by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office after having been charged for allegedly molesting a child, as well as for lewd and lascivious acts.

Likewise, a 55-year-old illegal alien from Honduras was released last month after having been previously deported following charges that he had sex with a minor. Other illegal aliens recently released by the Sheriff’s Office include:

A 36-year-old illegal alien from Pakistan convicted of grand theft, possession of a controlled substance, evading a peace officer, and dangerous weapons who was released on September 9.

A 21-year-old illegal alien from Honduras with multiple convictions and charges for battery and terrorist threats, and who has a removal order, who was released on September 1.


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Victor Davis Hanson – The American Cold Civil War (Video)

Victor Davis Hanson is an American classicist, military historian, columnist, and farmer. He has been a commentator on modern and ancient warfare and contemporary politics for National Review, The Washington Times, and other media outlets.

Complete Classic Movie: Contagion!: The BBC Four Pandemic (2018)

The outbreak of a deadly ‘flu virus is a major threat to the UK, to predict the impact of the next pandemic more accurately scientists need more data. Mathematician Dr Hannah Fry is ‘Patient Zero’ in this ground-breaking experiment.

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University entrance: The ‘taboo’ about who doesn’t go

More than half of universities have fewer than 5% poor white students

John-Russell Barnes has three part-time jobs to help support his mother and sisters. But that’s not what makes the 18-year-old from Hastings unusual.

He’s a white working-class boy who is going to university.

More than half a million new students will be heading off to start at universities across the UK this term, with record numbers set to enter despite all the Covid complications.

But white males from low-income families are the “least likely” group to be going, according to the most recent figures from the Department for Education.


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Cultural Marxism For The Kids

The Left’s plan to disfigure America moves forward.

The results of a survey released last week revealed that two-thirds of 18-39 year-old Americans do not know that 6 million Jews were killed during the Holocaust. One-half of the respondents could not name a single concentration camp. One-fourth said the holocaust was a myth and one-tenth blamed it on the Jews.

I guess this shouldn’t come as a surprise. It is very much in line with other recent polls which find that just 27 percent of those under the age of 45 nationally can demonstrate a basic understanding of American history. Additionally, 57 percent  of all Americans don’t know we have nine Supreme Court justices, 60 percent don’t know which countries we fought in WWII, and only 32 percent can correctly name all three branches of government.

Instead of cleaning up its act, the education establishment is doubling down. In fact, America’s children are in the process of having their brains scrubbed clean. Instead of teaching actual history, we are seeing more and more curricula that is pointedly critical of America and its traditional values. Facts are irrelevant. Objectivity is non-existent. Lies are truth.


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