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November 17, 2021

The future of France? Civil war and then Islamist dictatorship, says famed Algerian writer

There is no place for political correctness if France wants to defeat Islamism, says Boualem Sansal

“Strike hard and fast, that’s what the living and the dead are calling for,” said famous Algerian writer Boualem Sansal in an interview with Le Figaro, calling on France to take decisive, hard, and politically incorrect action.

According to him, only a “big reversal” gives a chance to save France from “Lebanonization” or “Algerization.” Sansal, who won the Arab Literature Prize, shared his opinion on the anniversary of the terrorist massacre at the Bataclan Club in Paris.

On Nov. 13, 2015, individuals sworn to the Islamic State terrorist group burst into the Bataclan club in Paris, where a concert was taking place, and shot 80 people with automatic weapons. These terrorist attacks, committed six years ago, were, according to Sansal, “an act of unimaginable violence, to which the French President (Francois Hollande) responded with tears and lamentations.”

As a result, the French were humiliated, as were the French army and police.

“In the face of Islam, France has lost all ability to think, rule and act. It submits and is about to submit again,” he warned.


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October 25, 2021

Douglas Murray: UK needs to have open discussion about threat of Islamic extremism (Video)

Author Douglas Murray says there is nowhere near enough honest and open debate about combatting Islamic extremism in the UK.

October 16, 2021

France to close a mosque in the west of the country over jihad support

Violence and terrorist acts were incited at the religious site, say local authorities

The mosque in the village of Allonnes in Western France, where preachers openly support the armed jihadist fight, will be closed at the instigation of local authorities. Violence and acts of terrorism were incited at the religious site, which the authorities say is a criminal offense.

“According to the information gathered, preachers and other activities of this religious site, visited by people belonging to or close to the radical Islamist movement, justify the use of armed jihad, martyrdom, terrorist acts, and the use of violence, hatred, discrimination, and the introduction of Sharia law,” said the authorities of the department of Sarthe in a statement.

The mosque in Allonnes, which has about 11,000 inhabitants, can hold about 300 followers. It also offers a Koran school, which is attended by about 110 children. In front of these minors, the preachers, according to the authorities, praised jihad.


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September 21, 2021

‘The white man is the devil’ – what the Nation of Islam taught Muhammad Ali (Video)

In 1974, Muhammad Ali told Michael Parkinson and a stunned chat show audience that the white man of America was “the blue-eyed, blond-headed Devil”

In 1974, in the middle of a Michael Parkinson interview, Muhammad Ali decided to dispense with all the safe conventions of chat show etiquette.

“You say I got white friends,” he declared, “I say they are associates.”


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September 15, 2021

Saudi Arabia’s Role in 9/11 and Why the U.S. Government has Kept it Hidden (Video)

Given by James Kreindler ’77, Partner, Kreindler & Kreindler LLP. Currently, Mr. Kreindler is the co-chair of the Plaintiff’s Committee in the 9/11 Litigation on behalf of the 9/11 families to hold Saudi Arabia accountable for its role in the 9/11 attacks. The lawsuit alleges that members of the government of Saudi Arabia provided critical financial and logistical support to the 9/11 hijackers prior to September 11, 2001. This is the first case to proceed under the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act, passed by Congress in 2016.

September 13, 2021

Video: The End of My YouTube Channel (Update on Fake Strikes and Appeals)

YouTube is taking down my 32-part series “Islamicize Me,” supposedly for violating their policy on glorifying and recruiting for violent criminal organizations. Since that’s the EXACT OPPOSITE of what we did in that series, it’s pretty clear that the YouTube Trust and Safety Team is the EXACT OPPOSITE of reliable. YouTube is broken.

September 12, 2021

Malcolm X’s Explosive Comments About Elijah Muhammed (Video)

In 1964, the rift between Malcolm X and Elijah Muhammed, founder of the Nation of Islam, would reach a tense peak. In a fiery interview, X revealed a scandalous secret about his one-time ally.

September 6, 2021

39 Per Cent of French Believe Islam Will Become France’s Primary Religion

According to the results of a poll conducted from July 19th to July 26th and released earlier this week, 39 per cent of French believe that Islam will become the largest religion in France.

The ‘Heart of the French’ survey conducted by Harris Interactive reveals that 39 per cent of French people believe that Islam will be the largest religion in France in the future.

Among Muslims, the percentage increases to 55 per cent, followed by 44 per cent of Roman Catholics.

A further 72 per cent of French say that they fear that if Islam becomes the largest religion in the country, France would lose its historic identity. Catholics were the most concerned at 83 per cent, followed by Protestants and non-religious people at 67 per cent each.

Among Muslims, however, just 17 per cent said that France would lose its identity if Islam were the most widespread and practised religion.


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August 31, 2021

Our Afghan Nightmare: Tanks for Nothing by Victor Davis Hanson

Afghanistan has been reinvented as the best-equipped terrorist nation in the world, basking in the prestige of humiliating the world’s superpower.

Joe Biden’s scripted or no-questions press conferences, and the clean-up afterward by Antony Blinken, Jake Sullivan, and Jen Psaki, have been some of the most misleading episodes in modern presidential history—mostly in what was not said rather than was exaggerated, warped, and misrepresented. 

Biden as Commander-in-Chief

The more Joe Biden mutters “The buck stops here” or “I take full responsibility,” the more we know he will not—and not just because of his now reduced mental state, but because 1) he repeats the same opportunist messaging that he has for the last 50 years of his political career, and 2) the only true thing he could say was “I ordered a withdrawal in the most reckless manner in U.S. military history.”

When Biden then blames Donald Trump, it raises the immediate questions: 

1) If the Afghanistan deal was so flawed, why did Biden stick with it, given his other radical departures from what he inherited on the border, on fossil fuels, on the Middle East—on just about everything before January 20, 2021? 


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August 27, 2021

Why and How the Mongols became Muslim (Video)

The Kings and Generals animated historical documentary series on Mongol History continues with a video on how and why the Mongols adopted Islam and became Muslim, as we are looking at the history of Islamization of the Mongol khanates in the aftermath of the early conquests.