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SILENCED with Tommy Robinson Father Calvin Robinson (Video)

Episode 20

“I Don’t Recognise Our Country Anymore – It’s Filled With Islamist Parading Around” (Video)

This video originally aired on Talk TV.



How the Iranian Revolution brought Islamism to Britain (Video)

Iran was at one time a thoroughly westernised nation and one where women enjoyed equal rights with men. Then, the Islamic Revolution came. This was the starting point for the export of Islamism to the rest of the world, including this country.

‘We have let Islamist extremism into Britain, and we’ve let it win’ | Patrick Christys (Video)

Patrick Christys says our ‘absolutely spineless, surrender-merchant, political top brass are rolling over while politicians wear stab vests and quit their jobs in fear’.

Pakistani Gangs Are STILL Abusing British Girls, Yet Media, Police & Politicians are SILENT! (Video)

On today’s #ncfnewspeak, NCF Director Peter Whittle, Senior Fellow Rafe Heydel-Mankoo and regular guest Amy Gallagher (the SDP’s London mayoral candidate) discuss: The shocking report into Rothertham grooming gangs. French pro-natalism – Emmanuel Macron shifts right and wants more French babies and more.

Islamic Leaders PLOT To Rig UK General Election (Video)

Mahyar Tousi TV

How the trendy obsession with the ‘far-right’ is putting Britain at risk from Islamism (Video)

To avoid accusations of Islamophobia, the police and security services in Britain are pretending that the risk of terrorist attacks by the ‘far-right’ is at least as grave as that from Islamists

‘Muslim migrants are destroying European culture’ – Poland’s former prime minister | Interview (Video)

Poland’s former prime minister has warned European culture is being “destroyed” by Muslim migrants from Africa and the Middle East. Speaking to The Telegraph, Mateusz Morawiecki, who served as Poland’s prime minister from 2017 until the beginning of this month, said: “We were very open to war refugees from Ukraine when the need was there… We have opened our hearts and our gates for all refugees.”

Islamists Take Control Of London Streets (Video)

Mahyar Tousi TV