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May 22, 2017

Shabir Ahmed: the Rochdale sex gang ringleader who blamed white community for not looking after girls

Ahmed blamed the white community for allowing teenage girls to go around unsupervised, so that at a young age they were “trained” in both sex and drinking. “When they come to us they are fully trained and they start their own business,” he said.

Shabir Ahmed, the man at the heart of the conspiracy carried on a secret affair with the white teenager who acted as his recruiter.

For a year he lived in fear that people in his own community might find out about the relationship and ostracise him.

On every occasion the couple had sex he would “go home, say two units of prayer and ask Allah forgiveness for doing wrong”.

He told the jury that fellow Pakistanis would regard him as having “infested” their community by sleeping with a white girl. “It’s not just them who are racist. We are racist too”.

Ahmed, who could not be named during the original trial, cut a belligerent figure in the courtroom, hurling insults at the judge and prosecution barristers and claiming he was the victim of a police-led conspiracy.

He dismissed the allegations against him as “white lies” made up by girls who had built up a profitable business empire by working as prostitutes.


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May 20, 2017

Rochdale Muslim Admits Muslim Men Think “White Girls Are Worthless” (Video)

Evidence of this can be seen in the BBC documentary Three Girls episode 3.

May 18, 2017

Tommy Robinson ambushed for confronting Muslim councillor (Video)’s Tommy Robinson and Caolan Robertson were set upon by a gang after confronting a Labour Party politician who gave a character reference for a convicted paedophile.

How the British Welfare System Favours Muslims (Video)

Find out how the British Government changed the welfare system to favour Muslims. New government policies on unemployment and work place regulations have served to attract huge numbers of Muslim immigrants into the UK and have allowed Muslims to exploit the benefits system in order to stay at home and have large families – all at the taxpayers’ expense.

May 17, 2017

Priest warns Europe will turn Muslim in 30 years, Russia in 50!

“Christians will not dare stick their necks out, they will congregate in small groups and will be persecuted,” Smirnov asserts. “The rehearsal is already underway: in Europe, Christian women are being raped and murdered, and the men who are forced to protect their women, are unable to do so (while rapists are sentenced to one year probation maximum). This goes on in today’s Europe, and we are next in line.”

A Russian Orthodox priest says the West better get ready for Islam’s conquest.

“There is very little time left until the death of the entire Christian Civilization,” claims Dmitri Smirnov, chairman of the Patriarchal Commission on Family Matters and the Protection of Motherhood and Childhood. “Several decades, perhaps 30 years, well, maybe in Russia it will last 50, no longer,” the priest reportedly told Russia’s Soyuz TV channel.

Smirnov says Islam will eventually sweep the continent because Muslims are willing to sacrifice themselves in order to advance their own values.

“The modern Muslim is willing to die for his faith,” Smirnov said. “He wraps himself with dynamite and blows himself up wherever his mullah orders him. He is prepared to sacrifice himself. He is labeled a terrorist. But his goal is not to terrify the world.”

The controversial Russian Orthodox archpriest claims young Muslims view their sacrifice as a noble cause in order to protect their societies.

“And why do these young men die?” asks Smirnov. “Because they don’t want to live in a state ruled by homosexuals. They don’t want this obscene pop music. They don’t want to have their values corroded, family values first of all.”


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May 16, 2017

German Authorities Charge Syrian Migrant With Plotting Terror Attack in Denmark

A Syrian migrant with known Islamic State sympathies who was intercepted at the German-Danish border with materials for making explosives will be charged with plotting a terror attack – but only after spending six months in custody as authorities claimed they had difficulty bringing charges against him.

The 20-year-old Syrian, who attempted to cross the border with 17,000 matches, radio equipment, and an ignition device, has been in custody since November 2016. German prosecutors have announced the asylum seeker, who has been known as a radical Islamist to German authorities as far back as 2015, will be put on trial in Stuttgart, the Associated Press reports.

Initially, the man has attempted to cross the northern German border and was caught by German police who suspected him of plotting a terror attack. Despite this, the materials, known to be used for constructing detonators in various instructions of Islamic terrorists, were confiscated and the Syrian was let go by the police.

Shortly after, he boarded a train and headed back to an asylum home in Ulm where he lived. Days later, the German police showed up at the asylum home and arrested him for plotting a terrorist attack.

At the time, prosecutors were doubtful they would be able to pursue charges against the Syrian with prosecutor Jan Holzner saying: “We cannot prosecute him on matches alone.”


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May 15, 2017

Rotherham Sex Survivor: I Told Authorities And They Did Nothing (Video)

A survivor of the child exploitation ring in Rotherham called Katie Hopkins to tell her horrifying story.

Emma told Katie that she reported at the age of 13 that she had been raped, but authorities chose to do nothing – and told her not to mention the ethnicity of the assailants.

Now a mother, Emma revealed that she was delighted to have a boy, because she would have been terrified of the same thing happening to her daughter.

She told Katie: “I actually reported my abuse 14 years ago. I went to the authorities, my parents did. I sat and gave video interviews with the police, I was willing to work with them.

“I never once looked at my perpetrators for what race or religion they were. I simply looked at who they were and what they’d done.

“But as soon as I said the names, I was made to feel as though I was racist and I was the one who had the problem.

“That continued all the way through to the Jay Report coming out in Rotherham.

“I knew I wasn’t racist, but that was used as a way to silence me.”


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Virginia: 43 Muslims indicted in $30M cigarette trafficking, bank fraud, and money laundering op

Those businesses were used to purchase a large amount of tax-exempt cigarettes and then they would be transported out of state and resold for a profit.

43 people were indicted on Friday on 743 separate charges resulting from a year-long investigation into illegal cigarette trafficking, according to police.

19 of the 43 are in custody.

Henrico County Police said it began investigating cigarette trafficking in Henrico County back in 2015 because of a series of violent crimes that were associated with it.

According to police, a number of robberies, shootings, and burglaries happened in direct relation to the illegal trafficking of cigarettes and an investigation eventually developed into a larger regional and multi-state operation.

The investigation incorporated more than 20 agencies including local, state, and federal law enforcement as well as corporate businesses including the FBI, ATF, Homeland Security, IRS, and Virginia and Maryland State Police.

Police said the suspects utilized fraudulent papers to create 29 phony businesses in the Richmond area.


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May 14, 2017

Historian reveals facts of MUSLIM slave trade (Video)

Historian Tidiane Ndiaye busts many myths commonly held about the slave trade and talks about the far larger and more lethal Islamic one.

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Mother and daughter arrested in all-female terror plot (Video)

See the aftermath of the raid in the video.

Three women—including a mother and daughter—have been arrested in Britain for plotting the country’s first all-female terror attack codenamed “English tea party.”

Rizlaine Boular, 21, her mother, Mina Dich (pictured above), 43, and Khawla Barghouthi, 20 allegedly planned to perpetrate a random knife attack on at least one victim in the Westminster area, near the Houses of Parliament.

According to a claim, Boular and her mother, Dich, exchanged coded communications about “recipes” and “cakes” which related to the proposed crime.

Police thwarted the plot when they raided Barghouti’s property in northwest London on April 27.

During the raid, Barghouthi, a nursery volunteer, was arrested and Boular was shot four times. Three days later, Boular was arrested while recovering in the hospital.

Prosecutor Lindsay Weinstein describing the suspects’ alleged coded chats during a Thursday hearing at Westminster Magistrates’ Court. “There were discussions about having an English tea party and a theme. There was a description of cake and a tea party. They said that at that point the recipe was not ready.” Weinstein also noted that knives for the plot were allegedly purchased from a store called Argos.


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