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Live a Country Song – Lyric Video – Amber Lawrence

The reigning Female Artist of the Year, Amber Lawrence is back with a brand new song for release, “Live a Country Song”. After releasing the ARIA and Golden Guitar nominated album ‘Living for the Highlights’ in 2022, Amber is back with a brand new stand alone single.

SHOCKING Body Cam Footage: School Board Calls Police on ‘Unrecognized’ & ‘Trumpish’ Citizens! (Video)

Newly released body cam footage reveals a shocking incident where Livingston School Board officials call the police on citizens they don’t recognize or deem to look ‘Trumpish.’ Watch the full video to uncover the truth behind this alarming event.

Italy Quickly LOSING Control (Video)

Italy’s Meloni convenes public safety body over migrant arrivals

Nassau County Police Department RETALIATES Against Journalist For Exercising His Rights (Video)

Fellow Patriots, I was unlawfully arrested Tuesday by the Nassau County, NY Police Department for peacefully exercising our constitutional rights in public. My freedom was taken from me for over six hours & my property stolen from me. We all know that this arrest was pure retaliation for exposing them the day before. I was arrested by Officer Kenneth J. Keller of the 3rd precinct. The same Officer from the original audit. I promise each & every one of you I will fight these charges with everything I got. I will do everything in my power to hold those responsible accountable so this doesn’t happen to anyone else ever again.

The ULEZ protests signal the rise of the vigilante in Britain (Video)

When ordinary and respectable people feel that they are ignored and treated unjustly, they sometimes take the law into their own hands.

New York and Los Angeles Seeing Consequences of Illegal Immigration Influx, with Victor Davis Hanson (Video)

Megyn Kelly is joined by Victor Davis Hanson, author of “The Dying Citizen,” to discuss the influx of illegal immigrants into NYC and LA, the rise in looting in California, and more.

Britain plunges into low IQ CHAOS! (Video)

Complex systems are breaking down…

Click here to watch the video.

How the British government conspires to present a distorted vision of this nation to the world (Video)

The concerted effort to portray Britain as being inhabited predominantly by people of African ancestry continues with unabated vigour.

Covid Summit – European Union Parliament May 2023 (Video)

Dr David E. Martin PhD

AFL Files Formal Civil Rights Complaint with Federal Government of Morgan Stanley, Princeton University, Harvard University, and the University of Michigan 

Federal law prohibits university placement offices from discriminating against a person because of his or her race, color, sex, or national origin, or from classifying or referring for employment any individual on the basis of his or her race, color, religion, or national origin. But the University of Michigan’s “University Career Center” advertised Morgan Stanley “internship opportunities [solely] for Black, Hispanic, Native American, and LGBT students,” with an application date of January 22, 2017.

America First Legal (AFL) has asked the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) to investigate Morgan Stanley, a global investment firm, and the U.S. Department of Education Office of Civil Rights, and Federal Student Aid, to investigate Princeton, Harvard, and the University of Michigan, for violating federal civil rights laws prohibiting discrimination based on race, color, national origin, or sex.

Morgan Stanley operates, and the named institutions of higher education promote, a training and apprenticeship program called the “Freshman Enhancement Program.” The program, aimed at “rising sophomores” includes “valuable training” and an “opportunity to interview” as a “Summer Analyst.” Federal law expressly prohibits discrimination based on race, color, sex, or national origin “in admission to, or employment in, any program established to provide apprenticeship or other training.” However, Morgan Stanley limits admission to “Black, Hispanic, Native American, and/or LGBTQ+ freshman undergraduate student[s]”, excluding whites, Asians, heterosexuals, and all others.


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