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John Rocker: I’m ‘Absolutely’ Supporting Donald Trump For President

Rocker also likes Trump’s stances on the economy, guns and immigration, which the pitching great thinks are the most important issues to the country today.

The famously outspoken former Major League Baseball pitcher John Rocker is “absolutely” endorsing Donald Trump for president.

“I think he has really woken America up,” Rocker told The Daily Caller in an exclusive interview.

The former Atlanta Braves closer, who’s still remembered for making politically incorrect remarks about immigration and New York City in a widely-publicized 1999 interview with Sports Illustrated, believes Trump’s lack of concern for political correctness is inspiring.

“I’m probably as disheartened as everyone else is, as Trump supporters seem to be, with the status quo and the glad-handing politicians and the soundbite politicians always looking for the right comment to make and walking that fine line trying to make every single faction out there, who could be a possible voter, don’t make anybody mad and wear kid gloves,” he said.

“I wish someone, excuse the frankness here, would have the sack, would have the backbone to make unpopular comments, and when folks come out — mainly media, special interest groups, factions, things like that — and just start hammering them and demanding apologies… I’ve always wanted to see the person that’s like, ‘Yeah, I’ve made these comments, these are my beliefs, and you know what, if you don’t like it stick it. I’m not apologizing, I’m not changing,” Rocker told TheDC. “I think that is something that millions and millions of Americans have been waiting for probably a decade or two to hear something. Maybe even since Reagan.”


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NYPD officers ‘deserved it’? by John Rocker

John Rocker applies ‘ideas have consequences’ notion to killing of cops.

What happened on Dec. 20, 2014, is the logical outcome of multiple years of vitriol – almost entirely based on an incomplete and incorrect understanding of events – digested by a community ready to blame anyone or anything for their failures except themselves.

From the divisive language of President Obama, dating back to his “If I had a son …” remark regarding Trayvon Martin, to the media-driven narrative of cops targeting black youth (Ferguson), the actions by 28-year-old Ismaaiyl Brinsley were tragically predictable.

It was a week ago social justice marchers in New York City – carrying signs bearing egregiously erroneous messages like “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” – chanted “What do we want? Dead cops” – a common chant among those who have disrupted Christmas shoppers at malls across America.

Sure, it’s fun for social justice marchers to go out with their friends and take a few selfies for their Instagram or Facebook account, showing off to their digital comrades how sensitive they are to the media-driven issue of the day; but what most people participating in these #BlackLivesMatter marches across the country don’t understand is the deep level of hatred many of their fellow crusaders have toward the police, who they truly believe executed both Michael Brown and Eric Garner in cold blood.


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Michael Brown protesters: Marching for a myth by John Rocker

John Rocker demands Obama, Holder apologize to Ferguson police.

There’s one thing about Atlanta everyone knows, especially those who fly into Harstfield International Airport and peer down at the seemingly endless number of highways, roads, houses and commercial developments greeting the visitor to the world’s busiest airport: traffic is a chaotic nightmare for those commuting to and from or merely passing through the city.

It’s bad.

Imagine spending two hours each day commuting to and from work (or 10 hours a week), and you have a picture of your average metro Atlanta resident’s daily drive.

If you’ve ever watched an episode of AMC’s “The Walking Dead,” you’ve seen the iconic shot of all of the cars trying to leave the city of Atlanta and some fool on horseback heading toward the city. Well, Atlanta traffic is usually bumper to bumper both ways, save for last week when something unprecedented happened.

It seems the Ferguson, Missouri, protests migrated down I-85 South Wednesday, and the Justice for Michael Brown movement found a new home making metro Atlanta commuters’ life that much worse by stopping traffic.

The pictures of these protesters immediately will remind any fan of “The Walking Dead” of the poster for the show, with Atlanta’s skyline in the distance and a line of cars halted by those holding signs reading “Ferguson, Missouri: Michael Brown murdered by the Police.”

Standing in the middle of the I-75/I-85 northbound connector, these protesters stopped traffic for miles.



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Phil Robertson and the 2 Americas by John Rocker

John Rocker compares commander’s remark to that of Oprah Winfrey.

I’m going to be up front here – I feel more at home watching an episode of “Duck Dynasty” than I do “Modern Family.” Though the issue of same-sex marriage isn’t one of my main concerns, like millions of Americans, I was swept in by the recent hubbub surrounding the show’s star, Phil Robertson, and his comments on homosexuality and other hot button social issues.

Robertson’s comments on homosexuality might’ve seemed a little coarse to an era where the show “Glee” is treated as the ultimate cultural achievement, but they were in line with what many Christians believe when it comes to the subject and are shared by 45 percent of Americans. But that wasn’t enough of a reason to keep him from getting suspended from his own show and launching a vicious battle in our country’s never-ending Culture War. It is growing reality that we now have two Americas with two completely different cultures and values they cling to.

What has really ticked me off about this situation is how some of our self-appointed guardians of decency and morality have acted as if what Mr. Robertson said is beyond the pale and that only unhinged extremists would agree with him. People called him a bigot, a hater and someone with outdated beliefs. A spokesman for the gay advocacy organization GLAAD even said his comments were not “what true Christians believe.”


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Wussified media can’t take NFL testosterone level by John Rocker

John Rocker on alleged Dolphin bullying: ‘That is just the way male sport is’

The wussification of America continued unabated last week as the media exploded over the story of Dolphins lineman Jonathan Martin’s alleged “bullying” at the hands of teammate and fellow lineman Richie Incognito.

According to media reports, Martin was subjected to “threatening” voice mails, had to pay for rookie meals and had to suffer with the nickname “Big Weirdo.” The media, in its typical tabloid form, exploited this situation as one of dire, life-threatening circumstance and fired up the band in usual fashion, playing an encore of its tireless tune “Let’s Make Something Out of Nothing.”

Ever since it was revealed that one of Incognito’s voice mails contained the N-word, the media have set their eyes on hounding the lineman incessantly. Due to the media firestorm surrounding this alleged bullying, Incognito has been suspended by the Miami Dolphins indefinitely and has now become the poster child for bullying in America.

As with most stories the American media blow fashionably out of proportion, there are some angles to this story they have conveniently overlooked and refused to consider. For one, the rest of the Dolphin team has banded together to defend the actions of Incognito against the relentless media assault he has faced. One of his fellow teammates even pointed out the fact that Martin laughed hysterically at the voice mail that contained the N-word Incognito left for him, noting that it was clearly meant as a joke.


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The 4 most disturbing news stories by John Rocker

John Rocker is disgusted by ongoing black-on-white criminal attacks.

I probably shouldn’t write what I’m getting ready to, but at this point I can hold my tongue no longer. What I’m about to say may offend a great majority of you, but it’s something that absolutely needs to be aired out in a public forum. I may be off the mark to some degree, but in my defense I’ve done a substantial amount of living and experienced more cultures, seen more places and done more things in my life than many could do in three lifetimes, allowing me to gain a vast perspective on many issues within our society. I will be the first to apologize for making such an obnoxious statement, but if you only knew what went on behind the scenes during a career in professional sports, you’d understand.

At times I can be moderately eloquent. This will not be eloquent, however. It will be blunt, harsh and to the point. And for that I apologize, but when I consistently observe the escalation of lunacy I can only subdue my emotions and rationalizations for so long.

That time has elapsed.

I’m tired of watching it! I’m tired of hearing about it! I’m tired of reading about it! I’m tired of the disgusting behavior, the pandering excuses and the pathetic justifications! ENOUGH! ENOUGH! ENOUGH! Every time I turn on the TV or pick up a newspaper I have to witness or read about some despicable circumstance perpetrated by members of the black community. In the last two weeks alone, I’ve followed four of the most disturbing stories I can recall. And I’m quite certain that as shocked as I am today regarding the beating of 88-year-old Delbert Benton; the “thrill kill” of Chris Lane; the point-blank murder of 13-month-old Antonio Santiago and the three-on-one beating of a junior high school student in St. Petersburg, Fla. – I’ll be further blown away with the next cycle of savage behavior that goes largely suppressed by the media and without comment from the president of the United States or the attorney general.

I’m tired of hearing this every day.


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Media’s lynching of George Zimmerman

Exclusive: John Rocker traces chronology of narrative manipulation.

At the same time the live roasting of Paula Deen continues unabated, the state of Florida’s star witness in the second-degree murder trial of George Zimmerman has provided the nation a moment of genuine clarity.

For those paying attention, this glimpse into the soul of the Zimmerman/Martin confrontation should offer greater clarity than what we eventually learned from the attempted Crystal Magnum/Mike Nifong/Media/Gang of 88 shakedown of the Duke Lacrosse team.

In describing some of the final words Trayvon Martin spoke on this earth, we learned from 19-year-old Rachel Jeantel (who was on the phone with Martin) that the angelic, cherub-faced Martin described a guy following him as a “creepy a– cracker.”

That “creepy a– cracker” turned out to be George Zimmerman, a man the media are still determined to label a “white Hispanic” even though he emphatically claims to be Hispanic. Perhaps had his name been Zimmerman”ez” media and society would have flippantly labeled the same scenario another snoozer situation involving minority-on-minority violence, and all of the exciting ratings-driven sensationalism wouldn’t be necessary. But as we all know, that is not the case; so let the fantastic games begin for the purpose of being played out in media like an afternoon soap opera.


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What ‘CPAC’ really stands for by John Rocker

Amnesty is suicide for the Republican Party, and those in power of the RNC, GOP and CPAC want to be sure it’s an assisted suicide.

For most hardworking Americans who faithfully vote Republican every election cycle, the GOP-Beltway establishment Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) is an event they don’t pay attention to at all.

Held annually in Washington, D.C., CPAC is the ultimate gathering of Republican officeholders from across the nation and the various grass-roots organizations, think tanks and conservative nonprofits – all conspiring to restore the luster to the republic of the United States.

Again, most hardworking Americans who show up dutifully to the polls without any “outreach” efforts from the GOP or any real guaranteed return on their investment for voting Republican don’t care about what transpires at CPAC – but they should.

At the 2013 CPAC meeting, the national GOP decided to completely abandon those stalwart Republican voters who only ask that their elected representatives defend the Constitution and instead sought a new group of currently ineligible voters to court: illegal immigrants and their soon-to-be legal progeny.


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We owe illegals an apology? by John Rocker

If anyone is owed an apology, it’s the American people; for decades, elected representatives to our government (Republican and Democrat) and unelected, unaccountable employees of both the State Department and the Department of Justice have sided with illegal aliens.

You ever read something so stupid, you weren’t immediately sure if it was supposed to be hyperbole? Harry Binswanger, an acolyte of Ayn Rand and Objectivism, just published what amounts to the most asinine column in the history of columns – published at, it’s titled, “Amnesty For Illegal Immigrants Is Not Enough, They Deserve An Apology.”

Atlas didn’t shrug because of the growth of the state; Atlas shrugged because of this piece by Binswanger, hoping to shake individuals such as him off his back. It is these open-border fanatics who advocate the same policies that turned the once golden state of California into the actual manifestation of their ideas.

And yet, Binswanger is still delusional enough to believe that illegal aliens are the answer to creating Rand’s fabled “Galt’s Gulch.”

Take this line from his piece:

“The illegals came here because they value America. They broke an unjust law in order to live a free, better, richer life. In the vast majority of cases, obeying anti-immigration laws would mean never getting to live here. It’s a life sentence.”

Illegal aliens don’t value America – they value the type of conditions Americans have created in America, which, absent of actual Americans, don’t exist.


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Amnesty: Turning U.S. into California by John Rocker

So the 1986 amnesty basically worked to dispossess one group of Californians, the same people who had worked to create much of the ideological blueprints for the Reagan Revolution, and instead created a one-party leftist state that high-income earners like golfer Phil Mickelson are seeking escape.

John Rocker

America is not a “policy” – and while we are a nation founded on a set of ideals, a nation we must remain in some real sense of the word.??

America has to make sense, it has to have a unifying theme, and it has to have a population that can handle the responsibilities that accompany living in a “free” nation.

Which brings us to the debate over President Obama’s attempt to implement amnesty for who-knows-how-many illegal aliens in America.

Why do some supposed conservatives support amnesty???

Maybe Marco Rubio thinks it will help him break the vaunted 40 percent mark with Hispanics and propel him to the Oval Office in 2016.?

?Perhaps John Boehner and the GOP elites want to push through the issue so they can worry about important things like media respectability and getting the best spray tan deal off Groupon.??

While Beltway wonks, establishment hacks and political opportunists will cite every study to show how immigrants are the natural ally to conservatives, they’ll blatantly ignore the cold harsh reality set before them: If the polls are to be believed, young immigrants who have assimilated are even more likely than their parents to support big government, abortion and gay marriage.?


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