Wussified media can’t take NFL testosterone level by John Rocker

John Rocker on alleged Dolphin bullying: ‘That is just the way male sport is’

The wussification of America continued unabated last week as the media exploded over the story of Dolphins lineman Jonathan Martin’s alleged “bullying” at the hands of teammate and fellow lineman Richie Incognito.

According to media reports, Martin was subjected to “threatening” voice mails, had to pay for rookie meals and had to suffer with the nickname “Big Weirdo.” The media, in its typical tabloid form, exploited this situation as one of dire, life-threatening circumstance and fired up the band in usual fashion, playing an encore of its tireless tune “Let’s Make Something Out of Nothing.”

Ever since it was revealed that one of Incognito’s voice mails contained the N-word, the media have set their eyes on hounding the lineman incessantly. Due to the media firestorm surrounding this alleged bullying, Incognito has been suspended by the Miami Dolphins indefinitely and has now become the poster child for bullying in America.

As with most stories the American media blow fashionably out of proportion, there are some angles to this story they have conveniently overlooked and refused to consider. For one, the rest of the Dolphin team has banded together to defend the actions of Incognito against the relentless media assault he has faced. One of his fellow teammates even pointed out the fact that Martin laughed hysterically at the voice mail that contained the N-word Incognito left for him, noting that it was clearly meant as a joke.


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