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April 27, 2017

Why I Refuse To Use Your Politically Correct Words

How ideological words have divided and controlled the west.

On November 19, a debate was held at the University of Toronto concerning the ethics of Jordan Peterson’s protest over freedom of speech and bill C-16. The debate was controversial for a number of reasons, but mainly because of its relevance to postmodern “politically correct” culture. To me, the debate was one of the most important social dialogues in recent media.

The debate first focused on bill C-16 and other recent legislation passed by the Canadian government. Some of this legislation included the mandatory antiracist training by all teachers in Canada and an examination of their political views. Canada also institutionalized social justice tribunals where one could be fined $250,000 in legal fees for stating something deemed offensive in public space, only to lose to the tribunal. C-16 itself forces professors and students on university campuses to use the pronouns that transgendered students would like to be identified by.

Peterson believes that this legislation is a violation of free speech. He points out many professors, especially evolutionary biologist, who lost their jobs and financial stability simply for stating their own view: that there are only two genders. The response to Peterson’s protest over the ethics of C-16 was, as he predicted, to silence him.


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April 16, 2017

Marvel, NFL, ESPN learn progressive politics is bad for their bottom line

According to ratings and sales figures for popular brands like ESPN, Marvel and the NFL, social justice just doesn’t sell.

In an interview with icV2, a news source for comics and games, Marvel’s Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing said tastes have simply changed, noting that people weren’t interested in the diverse and female characters the company rolled out, turning their noses up at non-core Marvel characters.

This caused outrage and it seems he was forced to make a correction, which social justice warriors tend to demand of people.

Then there’s ESPN whose ratings have dropped significantly for what some blame on their clearly leftist political stances. Subscribers dropped by 87.8M and their Monday Night Football ratings dropped 12% since last season.


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April 12, 2017

The Left, Political Correctness and Cult Behavior

For leftists, the quest for power is about more than politics.

Michael Savage famously said that liberalism is a mental disorder. I think it is more precise to say that liberalism is a cult. Isolation, threats and routine shaming all serve to silence cult members who cross them, exactly as happens with political correctness. The dreaded label of racist or bigot chills most opposition. Those closest to you will ostracize you for expressing an incorrect view, exactly as in a cult. Eventually, the inclination is to censor what you not only say but what you think. Most people upon being intimidated will rein in their perceptions and even their curiosity because the pain of social isolation is so terrifying. And as in a cult, there is a reflexive herd effect in which an almost unanimous consensus sees the offender as crazy or beyond the pale. It is far easier to create a new world in a void created by the silence of political correctness.

I heard David Horowitz state recently that political correctness serves to bring conformity, a lockstep in behavior. While that is clearly true, my belief is that conformity is a symptom and the disease is far more insidious. I think the primary purpose of political correctness is to corrupt character. When I read Solzhenitsyn, one of the most chilling aspects of the gulag was the practice of forcing someone to agree with behavior that the targeted person knew was wrong. Self awareness of participating in a lie would cause that individual to feel compromised morally and to therefore lose the will to resist. For me, this is evil at its essence — a human being submits to self betrayal and can no longer feel worthy to fight back.


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April 10, 2017

Red Bull Boss Slams Mass Migration, Forced Multiculturalism in Europe

In a rare interview, Red Bull boss and Austria’s richest man Dietrich Mateschitz has slammed mass migration and political correctness, warning they threaten to destroy Europe’s true cultural diversity.

Speaking to Kleine Zeitung, the Formula 1 investor called the decision of key politicians to open the borders — which resulted in Europe’s migration crisis — “unpardonable”, noting that “if a company were to make mistakes on the same scale, it would have gone broke”.

Highlighting the “hypocrisies” of what he called the “refugees welcome brigade” with regards to migration, Mateschitz said: “I am talking about the fact that none of the people shouting ‘refugees welcome’ or [Chancellor Angela Merkel’s famous phrase] ‘we can do it’ were preparing their own guest rooms or tents in their gardens to accommodate half a dozen migrants.

“Even then it was clear to everyone that most of the people [arriving in the continent] did not correspond to the definition of the refugee. In any case, not the Geneva Convention”.

In the interview, Mateschitz took a stand against the “destabilisation of Europe”, which he said threatens the “uniqueness of [the continent’s] diversity and individuality with its different cultures and languages”.


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April 7, 2017

FTP038: Jordan B. Peterson on Failed Utopias, Mapping the Mind, and Finding Meaning (Audio)

In this episode we talk to Jordan B. Peterson who is a clinical psychologist and a professor of psychology at the University of Toronto. His thinking was informed by some of the most influential figures in the fields of psychology, philosophy and biology, from Nietzsche to Darwin to Jung.

Controversy Surrounding Jordan B. Peterson

Jordan B. Peterson has been receiving a lot of attention in the past year because of his strong opposition to gender neutral pronouns.

In this interview, he explains how people’s personalities predict their political belief, and what the driving factors behind all the recent social justice warrior and political correctness movements are.


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April 3, 2017

Are Universities Digging Their Own Graves? – Jonathan Haidt (Video)

Jonathan Haidt describes the current generation of college students who are “really different” from previous generations, driven by their desire for censorship and a misguided sense of “diversity & inclusion”. He also describes the downward spiral of elite universities that continue to cater to the demands of political correctness and outrage culture.

Politically Incorrect Professor Gets Denied Grant Funding

“With Bill C-16 and its surrounding legislation, it’s the first time I’ve seen in our legislative history where people are attempting to make us speak their language.”

A professor who opposes political correctness and refuses to use gender-neutral pronouns was denied research grant funding.

Professor Jordan Peterson of the University of Toronto, who has recently sparked controversy for opposing social justice initiatives, was denied research grant funding, according to his Twitter account.

“This was the money that would have funded my research into the personality predictors of political correctness (and liberalism/conservatism),” noted Peterson in a subsequent Friday tweet.


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April 1, 2017

Sam Harris goes to town on Islam and Political Correctness (Video)

Samuel Benjamin “Sam” Harris (born April 9, 1967) is an American author, philosopher, and neuroscientist. He is the co-founder and chief executive of Project Reason, a non-profit organization that promoted science and secularism, and host of the Waking Up podcast.

March 29, 2017

Berkeley killing renews debate over gender pronouns

Latino Studies major at Berkley stabs woman to death for using wrong pronouns. That’s right, they will literally murder you if you don’t comply with their asinine demands.

Berkeley killing renews debate over gender pronouns
[Associated Press]
Associated PressMarch 26, 2017
This undated Department of Motor Vehicles California photo provided by the Berkeley Police Department shows Pablo Gomez Jr., a University of California, Berkeley, senior majoring in Latino studies and a prominent campus activist. Authorities said Gomez stabbed to death a popular elementary school teacher. Soon, the crime that police described as “very brutal and unusual” was sucked up into the debate over gender identity when it was reported that Gomez preferred to be called “they” rather than “he.” (DMV California/Berkeley Police Dept. via AP)

BERKELEY, Calif. (AP) — Pablo Gomez Jr. was a University of California, Berkeley, senior majoring in Latino studies and a prominent campus activist when authorities say he stabbed to death a popular elementary-school teacher.

Soon, the crime that police described as “very brutal and unusual” in a city that reported just two homicides last year was sucked up into the debate over gender identity when it was reported that Gomez preferred to be called “they” rather than “he.”

Even in famously liberal Berkeley, with its long history of protest, the uproar came as a surprise, overwhelming the online news site,, that first reported on Gomez’s preference.

“I didn’t see it as something that would anger anyone,” reporter Emilie Raguso said.

After Raguso’s report, conservative commentator Ann Coulter ridiculed the pronoun change and mocked Gomez’s activist background. and other conservative political websites picked up the story.


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March 28, 2017

#AskYoko | Isn’t Political Correctness A Western Thing? Japan Has It Too? (Video)

Must watch video.