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What Happened to Matt Drudge? – Paul Joseph Watson (Video)

Did he sell the Drudge Report, or just sell out?

Matt Drudge: Hillary’s press corps in new cover-up

‘Soldiering on despite hazardous work conditions’

Now Matt Drudge is getting into the act.

The Internet news powerhouse tweeted an image Tuesday night mocking the national media covering Hillary Clinton aboard her new plane, “Hill Force One” (or as some might call it, “Ill Force One”) as the Democratic presidential nominee deals with ongoing health concerns.

Showing a group of reporters with masks Photoshopped onto their faces, Drudge tweeted the message: “The Hillary Clinton press corps is soldiering on despite hazardous work conditions… .”

The image is a spoof of one widely circulated online showing media personalities including NBC’s Andrea Mitchell sporting enthralled looks on their faces aboard Clinton’s aircraft.

The original photo prompted journalist Paul Joseph Watson of Infowars to note: “This is why the press never asks Hillary real questions. They look like enraptured tweens meeting Taylor Swift.”


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Give up your guns? Drudge takes on DHS: ‘You go first!’

Agency also worried ‘right wing extremists’ pose same threat as ‘Islamic extremists’

Just months after Department of Homeland Security advisers claimed “the threat from right-wing extremists domestically is just as real as the threat from Islamic extremism,” DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson is now suggesting his department should be in charge of implementing gun control.

But media pioneer Matt Drudge reacted to Johnson’s comments with his own demand.

He insisted the DHS secretary give up his own guns first.

“Homeland Jeh says Give up Your Guns!” Drudge tweeted Wednesday. “You go first, Brah.”

As WND reported, after the terrorist attack in Orlando, Florida, Johnson told CBS News’ “This Morning” on June 14 that he believes implementing gun control in America is critical to protecting homeland security.

“We have to face the fact that meaningful, responsible gun control has to be part of homeland security as well, given the prospect of homegrown, home-born violent extremism in this country,” Johnson said.


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Matt Drudge: ‘Hello Colorado Republicans, even Iraqis get a vote’

Matt Drudge is weighing in on the results in Colorado, where Sen. Ted Cruz received at least 30 of the 37 delegates following the state Republican Party Convention last weekend.

“Does George Bush have to invade Colorado to make it a Democracy? STUNNING Republicans had NO PRIMARY or CAUCUS. At least Dems are faking it!” Drudge posted on Twitter.

When Republican party leaders decided not to hold a primary or caucus in Colorado, The Denver Post reported:

The Colorado system often favors anti-establishment candidates who draw a dedicated following among activists — as evidenced by Rick Santorum’s victory in 2012 caucus. So the party’s move may hurt GOP contenders such as Donald Trump, Ben Carson and Sen. Rand Paul, who would have received a boost if they won the state.


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Blacklisted: Drudge, Coulter, Hannity, Carson, Breitbart, O’Reilly, Christie Make GOP Smart Set’s List of ‘Ideological Hustlers’

Conservative movement professionals in Washington, D.C. are plotting to form a “blacklist” of Donald Trump supporters that they can kick out of the movement, never to return.

Several conservative talking heads and Beltway consultant types have been very angry about the rise of businessman Trump, who is pushing for American sovereignty, a reversal of neoconservative foreign policy, and competitive bidding for pharmaceuticals even though the drug companies that fund the Republican Party would take a financial hit.

So far, anti-Trump think pieces referencing William F. Buckley have been ineffective. Memes comparing Trump to Hitler haven’t worked. So these Republicans are getting more Nixon-y. They’re coming out with an Enemies List.

CNN contributor and former Sen. Ted Cruz spokeswoman Amanda Carpenter volunteered to take the lead in writing the list.

But Carpenter, who once got called an “idiot” by Donald Trump, did not mention that she formerly defended Trump on numerous occasions. Luckily, savvy Twitter users pointed it out for her in the responses below her tweet.


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Matt Drudge Taunts Establishment: GOP Delegate Count Looks Like ‘Drudge Report Poll Results!’

Matt Drudge of The Drudge Report teased the political and media establishment with a graphic seemingly vindicating his online polls after Donald Trump’s strong victory in the South Carolina presidential primary.

“OMG!” Drudge wrote on Twitter, captioning a graphic of the current delegate tally in the Republican presidential primary. “Looks like the latest DRUDGE REPORT poll results! How can that be?” He punctuated the message with a winking kiss emoji.

The graphic shows Donald Trump leading with 61 delegates, then Sen. Ted Cruz with eleven, Sen. Marco Rubio with ten, John Kasich with five, and Ben Carson with three.

For comparison, the latest Drudge poll after a debate in South Carolina showed these results:


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Trump and Drudge for the win, again: Matt Drudge’s army is bigger than the RNC’s

Yes, Trump got booed by GOP loyalists at the debate. But the reaction that matters, again, was afterwards on Drudge.

Well, that was brutal. Wasn’t it? The Republican presidential debate in South Carolina on Saturday night was a real knife fight, and it was cheered on by a vocal audience that made us feel like it was held in the Colosseum. It was unbelievable, like a work of fiction, but it wasn’t. The story of last night’s debate can be told as a Tale of Two Audiences.

If you were gauging by the audience reactions — or the pundits after on cable news — you would think that the frontrunner for the Republican nomination, Donald Trump, had a really rough night. Every time he opened his mouth he was met with loud boos. When the others spoke, especially Jeb Bush, they were cheered loudly. The analysts after, once again, wondered if Trump had gone too far. Trump, meanwhile, in his “Spin Room” interviews after the debate touted the early numbers on Drudge calling him the winner. Do we really still need to debate which analysis matters more?

That’s not because most GOP voters hated what Trump had to say, it’s because they weren’t in the audience. Reince Priebus, the chairman of the Republican National Committee, scraped up a bunch of GOP loyalists to build a made for TV, pro-establishment, anti-Trump audience to cheer on their establishment more establishment candidates against the unconventional anti-establishment Trump.


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Drudge posts WND poll on Trump, heads explode

‘Conservative media behemoth could’ve stopped him’

A Daily Beast columnist, Michael Tomasky, turned critical eyes on Matt Drudge, king of the Internet news promotion hill, to ponder why the media giant seemed to be going out of his way to bolster Donald Trump’s run at the presidency – especially when it entails posting information from sites like this very one,

“The Drudge site is (gulp) its readers’ most trusted news source, and nearly every day its playing a pro-Trump piece high up,” Tomasky wrote. “As I write this … the story is ‘New poll shows Trump strong among minorities.’ The link is to a story on World Net Daily, a far-right site whose stock in trade is headlines like ‘Democrats Think Christians Bigger Threat Than Muslims,’ and it’s to a poll commissioned by … World Net Daily! It finds that 40 percent of blacks are lining up behind Trump, as are 45 percent of Hispanics, and even nearly 19 percent of Asians.’ Right.”

Tomasky admits Trump’s favor in the polls comes from a variety of factors. But in his lead, he writes: “The Republican frontrunner owes his rise to a whole host of factors. But Drudge’s conservative media behemoth could’ve stopped him. Why didn’t it?”

He goes on to ask “who’s responsible for Donald Trump” and his lasting popularity among voters? And among his answers: establishment Republican Party chiefs, who’ve allowed the “crazy” GOP types, like Louis Gohmert, Steve King and Michele Bachmann to direct political discourse, as well as the “cable networks,” for allowing Trump to “play them like a fiddle,” Tomasky wrote.


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Matt Drudge might elect Donald Trump: The GOP front-runner’s secret weapon is the conservative media icon

Drudge, Trump agree on immigration and a distaste for Hillary Clinton. Together they might defeat GOP establishment.

Donald Trump has already won one important primary, and that’s why he’s not going anywhere any time soon.

Every time Donald Trump says or does something that would destroy the careers of most politicians, he maintains or even gains supporters. It seems that nothing he does erodes his support. His voters are loyal, that’s for sure.

If you want to understand the Trump phenomenon and the durability of his campaign, you have to understand his voters and how they get their information. Many on the left mistakenly think that Trump supporters are “low-information voters.” Nothing could be further from the truth. Actually, it’s the opposite. They consume a lot of news and information, and almost all of it comes from their most trusted source — Matt Drudge.

Matt Drudge is all in for Trump, and he is making sure that his millions of daily readers are getting the news.

Drudge, of course, is the owner of the popular conservative news aggregator the Drudge Report, a site that records approximately 2 million unique visitors a day with about 700 million page views per month. His readers are loyal, too. A 2014 Pew Research Center study found that the Drudge Report is among the most trusted news sources among conservatives, while most mainstream media outlets register a very high level of distrust from that group.


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Matt Drudge Slams Obama for Importing Muslims into the United States

As jihadis murdered more than 100 innocents in Paris, Matt Drudge used his twitter account to focus attention on President Barack Obama’s policy of encouraging Islamic migration into the United States.

Since 2009, Obama has admitted more than 250,000 Muslims each year, via family reunification sought by new Muslim citizens and government invites to Muslims fleeing wars in the chaotic Islamic heartland of the Middle East. In 2013, for example, Obama’s government admitted 280,276 people from Muslim-majority countries where the notion of jihad against non-Muslims is a conventional belief.


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