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July 4, 2022

Andrew Sullivan: “Leave Kids the F*ck Alone!” (Video)

Andrew Sullivan is a British-American political writer who has worked for such publications as The New Republic, The Atlantic and New York magazine.

June 19, 2022

Paedophile ring trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell ‘was IRA target’

Defence lawyers claim socialite’s name was at the top of a Provisional hit-list

Paedophile ring trafficker and socialite Ghislaine Maxwell Ghislaine Maxwell was once on an IRA hit list, her lawyers have claimed ahead of her sentencing.

The daughter of deceased press baron Robert Maxwell is due to learn her fate next week on charges of grooming and delivering underage girls to her paedophile partner Jeffrey Epstein.

Her legal team has now claimed she received death threats following Epstein’s arrest in July 2019, which was why she was hiding when federal agents came to arrest her in July 2020.

In submissions to New York Judge Alison Nathan, they state this was not the first time she had experienced a threat to her life as she was on an IRA list of targets when her father was an MP in the late 1960s.


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June 17, 2022

Doctors, Psychotherapists, Liars and Butchers (Video)

Jordan B. Peterson

June 11, 2022

Moroccan Migrants Arrested for Sexual Abuse of Eight Girls, Including Three Minors

Two Moroccan migrants were arrested by Spanish authorities this week for allegedly sexually abusing at least eight girls, including three minors, as police say there could be even more victims.

The two Moroccan men, aged 21 and 31, were arrested in the town of Elda near Alicante after being accused of sexually molesting at least eight girls earlier this week during a local festival in the town.

The alleged sex attacks are said to have taken place at around 3:40 a.m. on Monday, June 6th, and several of the victims told police that the suspects had approached them during the festival, hugged them, and touched their private areas without their consent, Ok Diario reports.

Police arrived on the scene and were able to identify one of the Moroccans with the help of the alleged victims and took him into custody. A short time later, after receiving another call from a young woman claiming to have been sexually abused, police located and arrested the second suspect.


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May 17, 2022

Disney Drama Tries Defending Grooming In Schools, RATINGS TANK, Get Woke Go Broke (Video)


March 13, 2022

Media Blackout: Mexico Leads The World in Child Porn Production And Distribution

Mexico’s current laws do not require internet service providers to hand over information to law enforcement on users who regularly distribute child pornographic images, making investigations very difficult. Only a few years ago, there were about 1,300 Mexican websites devoted to the distribution of child pornography, according to La Jornada.

There has been an alarming increase in the reports of illegal aliens distributing child pornography, much of it through social media outlets, such as Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp.

While the reports on this ongoing outrage may have recently increased, the problem has been around for many years, as Mexico has the disgusting distinction of being both the world’s number one producer and distributor of child pornography.

In November 2016, Rosario Alfaro, director of the child advocacy group known as “Guardianes,” spoke at the National Day Against Child Sexual Abuse conference, in Mexico City and stated that 60 percent of the world’s child pornography is produced in Mexico.


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January 9, 2022

China’s Sinister Child Brainwashing Campaign (Video)

Xi Jinping Thought. The crazy ramblings of China’s dictator. It is now being instituted as mandatory curriculum in schools, all the way down to elementary school. I translated it, read it, and explain it.

December 28, 2021

Groomer Schools 3: The Creation of an American Red Guard (Video)

More and more people are waking up every day to the fact that our schools have become an undeniable catastrophe, and they’re starting to realize alongside that fact that it isn’t an accident. It is purposed. It is intentional. It is a strategy, and it uses our children as pawns for achieving a nightmarish agenda, no matter how much damage it does to them to achieve it.

December 17, 2021

School Caught Secretly Grooming Child, Mother SCREAMS At Meeting About Leftist Indoctrination (Video)


November 7, 2021

Death in Venice and how film has mistreated child stars

A new film shows how actor Björn Andrésen was damaged by playing a teen object of desire in Visconti’s 1971 classic. Is child stardom any healthier now, asks Sophie Monks Kaufman.

Fifty years ago, the revered Italian director Luchino Visconti searched far and wide for a young boy to star as the embodiment of youthful beauty in his film adaptation of Thomas Mann’s novel, Death in Venice. The character, Tadzio, is the object of obsession for ageing composer Gustav von Aschenbach (played by a 50-year-old Dirk Bogarde). The child actor that impressed Visconti enough to play him – a character whose “face recalled the noblest moment of Greek sculpture”, in the words of Mann – was 15-year-old Swede, Björn Andrésen.

However, while working with one of European cinema’s great directors when still a teenager may sound like a dream opportunity, it was anything but. A new documentary, The Most Beautiful Boy in the World, tells the story of Andrésen in the aftermath of landing the role, exposing the inadequate care afforded to him on set and looking at how he then emerged into a queasy limelight as the child object of grown-up desire. The film also tells of the tragedies that befell Andrésen before and after Death in Venice spun his life off its axis. The Andrésen we meet today is haunted by experiences depicted in the documentary – and, it is clear that if Death of Venice isn’t the source of all his pain, then it has certainly contributed a lot of it. 


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