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November 17, 2016

‘I Challenge You…’ — Congressman Blows A Hole In MSNBC Host’s ‘We’re A Country Of Immigrants’ Argument (Video)

During a Wednesday morning interview on MSNBC, Rep. Steve King pointed out an obvious flaw in one of Democrats’ favorite immigration talking points.

King and MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle had been discussing King’s qualifications to possibly serve in Trump’s cabinet.

King noted that his tenure serving on the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration and Border Security would qualify him to serve as Secretary of Homeland Security and proceeded to state that the U.S. needs to prioritize an immigration system that preserves “the American culture, the American civilization and the American dream.”

“Eventually we need to get the assimilation in place so that we could have cultural continuity on top of that.”

Ruhle countered by arguing that such a line of reasoning could have theoretically been used by Native Americans to prevent European colonization, adding that America is a “country of immigrants.”

“Well, I just challenge you. Name a country that’s not a country of immigrants,” King responded. “Every country in the world is a country of immigrants, but these are our values here.”

Ruhle again tried to one-up King, stating that “Greece is not a country of immigrants.”

King had the perfect response.


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October 19, 2015

Steve King Threatens ‘Battle’ over Paul Ryan Speakership

As Rep. Paul Ryan’s history of working for open borders has come under increasing scrutiny, conservative lawmakers have begun to publicly insist that any person who seeks to ascend to the Speakership must oppose amnesty and represent the vast majority of GOP voters who want to close the immigration valve.

As Politico recently reported, conservative Congressman Rep. Steve King warned that there will be a “major intraparty battle over immigration if Paul comes forward.”

“A majority of the conference is on my side of this argument,” King declared.

Politico added: “King said he would not support Ryan for speaker, noting that he has long opposed leadership candidates who are ‘pro-amnesty’ and that he is still backing Rep. Daniel Webster (R-Fla.) to take charge of the House.”

Polls show lawmakers could face severe criticism back home—as has already happened with Alabama’s Rep. Martha Roby —if they leave the door open to a Ryan Speakership.

That is because Paul Ryan’s signature policy goal—allowing for the free movement of people and goods across America’s borders—is rejected by massive majorities of GOP voters.


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July 11, 2015

Congressman to Trump: Don’t stop

Immigration comments ‘will change the debate’

Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, doesn’t think the hubub caused by Donald Trump’s comments on immigration are just a blip on the national radar. He sees them as a game-changer.

“Trump is going to change the debate. He will keep this immigration issue on the front of all of our debates all the way through,” the congressman told WND.

King suggested GOP presidential candidates will now be forced to declare exactly where they stand on immigration, an issue that otherwise could have been largely ignored.

Thanks to Trump, he said, the candidates “all have to have a position.”

“And some of those positions look so weak, they can’t be sustained all the way to the White House. So let’s find out early,” he said.

King has some advice for Trump when it comes to talking about immigration.

“If I were talking to him one-on-one, I would say, “Do not lose your will and drive on this. Continue.

“Whenever these groups rise up and attack you in the fashion they have, just have the attitude, ‘Well, if you don’t like that, it’s the truth and here’s some more.’ And keep shoveling the truth at them until they back up. That’s the most important thing,” added King.


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May 3, 2015

GOP Reps Slam ‘Amnesty Amendment’ Added To NDAA

“It’s appalling that some members of the Republican conference, and frankly all members of the Democratic conference, place illegal immigrants on pedestals over American citizens, contrary to the needs and wishes of the American people,” Rep. Steve King said.

Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) is expressing outrage that the FY 2016 National Defense Authorization Act includes an amendment encouraging the Secretary of Defense to consider allowing illegal immigrants granted executive amnesty to serve in the military.

“It makes no sense to me that, at the same time the Army is downsizing and issuing pink slips to American soldiers serving in Afghanistan, there are Congressmen who help illegal aliens deprive American citizens of military service opportunities,” Brooks, who serves on House Armed Services Committee, said.

Thursday the House Armed Services Committee (HASC) passed the FY 2016 NDAA. Wednesday the committee approved an amendment to the NDAA offered by Rep. Ruben Gallego (D-AZ) to encourage the Defense Secretary to consider allowing illegal immigrants granted President Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program to serve in the military.


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April 18, 2015

The Times Goes Know-Nothing on Immigration

The New York Times editorial board is becoming more unhinged with every passing day. Maybe it’s Republican electoral success, maybe it’s the sight of one failed liberal policy after another, but something is driving the Times around the bend.

Today it was immigration, as the editorialists went after Jeff Sessions:

There was something bracingly honest about an op-ed article in The Washington Post last week by Senator Jeff Sessions, an Alabama Republican. Under the headline “America Needs to Curb Immigration Flows,” Mr. Sessions, the chairman of the Senate Judiciary’s immigration subcommittee, argued the case for letting in fewer foreigners.

Indeed he did: Sessions pointed out that America’s foreign-born population has more than quadrupled, to an unprecedented 40 million. He cited Harvard economist George Borjas, who concluded that this extraordinary increase in immigration has reduced the wages of lower-skilled U.S. workers by 7.4 percent. The Times editorialists have nothing to say about these data. As usual, they don’t argue, they just smear.

Even hard-liners on the same side of the issue as Mr. Sessions — like Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, Representative Lamar Smith of Texas and Representative Steve King of Iowa — take pains to cloak anti-immigration arguments with benign-sounding words of tolerant welcome. They say they support legal immigration. It’s illegal immigration they oppose.


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January 28, 2015

Dennis Michael Lynch threatened w/ arrest at Rep.Steve King’s Iowa Summit (Video)

Presidential Candidate Dennis Michael Lynch – well, you watch the video …

November 25, 2014

Bachmann, King in Texas Border Town Devastated by Illegal Immigration: Looks Like ‘World War II After a Bombing’

Standing on a cliff looking over the Rio Grande river in this border town, Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) notes the buildings behind us on the American side—largely abandoned, run-down houses and a seemingly abandoned local chamber of commerce outpost—look like they’ve been ravaged by war.

“This looks like it’s post-World War II, like after a bombing,” Bachmann said while Breitbart News and CNN accompanied her and Rep. Steve King (R-IA) to an outpost on the border where illegal immigration and drug cartel crime runs rampant. “We don’t see people living here, but they told us these are stash houses for the drug cartels. You wouldn’t want to be here after dark.”

King and Bachmann headed down here the day after President Barack Obama announced his long-planned executive amnesty for upwards of 5 million illegal aliens. They met with Border Patrol and local law enforcement on the border trip, which was designed to show the American people the damage to American communities thanks to illegal immigration and lawlessness on the border that the president is encouraging with amnesty.

The two fiercely conservative lawmakers are rallying the American people to pressure their members of Congress to block Obama’s amnesty. They’re leading a rally on Capitol Hill when Congress comes back after Thanksgiving and calling on Americans to “melt the phone lines” to their lawmakers, demanding they don’t pass an omnibus spending bill—and use Congress’s power of the purse to block Obama’s amnesty.


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October 26, 2014

If Obama Does This “The Republic Is Dead” And This Rep Wants Us To Surround The WH (Video)

Rep. Steve King then made a reference to “the I-word” before declaring that “everything is on the table.”

In a recent Newsmax TV interview, Iowa Republican Rep. Steve King speculated on the potential reaction among Republicans should Barack Obama unilaterally grant amnesty to millions of illegals currently residing in the United States. He explained that he has already planned his response.

“I’ve said that wherever I am, if I’m not in Washington, I will go to the airport,” he said. “I’m going to call on John Boehner to call for a special session. I’m going to hope he beats me to that; I hope he’s anticipating that too.”

While he recalled the extensive protests around the United States Capitol in response to ObamaCare, King suggested that a more direct approach will be necessary to express disapproval of such a sweeping immigration policy.

“I don’t figure that going to the capital and asking people to come there to surround the Capitol does us any good,” he said, “but surrounding the White House might.”


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August 15, 2014

Rep. Steve King: Ferguson Protestors Are Of A Single ‘Continental Origin’ (Video)

King then stated that he prefers to “reject race-based politics, identity politics” because “we’re all God’s children and we all should be held to the same standards and the same level of behavior.”

Rep. Steve King (R-IA) said on Wednesday that he saw no reason to be concerned about the possibility of racial profiling in police clashes with protesters in Ferguson, Mo. because the protestors all appeared to be of a single “continental origin.”

King appeared on Newsmax TV on Wednesday where host J.D. Hayworth asked him about the escalating conflict in Ferguson. When asked about the concerns raised by members of the Congressional Black Caucus about the possibility of racial profiling, King said those were unsubstantiated.

“This idea of no racial profiling,” King said, “I’ve seen the video. It looks to me like you don’t need to bother with that particular factor because they all appear to be of a single, you know, of a single origin, I should say, a continental origin might be the way to phrase that.”


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August 7, 2014

Two “Dreamers” Set Amnesty Trap for Rep Steve King – Instead He Feeds Them Their Own Bait (Video)

He refutes every one of their weak positions and thwarts her attempt at a photo-op of King shredding what must be some sort of “dreamer” ID card.

A couple of life-long illegal aliens show up at an Iowa lunch table of Rep Steve King and Sen Rand Paul. As the female illegal introduces herself and it becomes clear what is unfolding, Sen Paul heads for the hills. Rep King not only holds his ground in the ensuing discussion but turns the tables back on the illegals.

The illegals’ attempted rationalization away of King’s insistence on respect for the law and violators not being the kind of person that should receive special treatment as well as his straight talk befuddles the illegals.

They both, including one who claims to be a law school graduate, have accolades for Obama’s unconstitutional DACA and violations of the Constitution, a position which feeds right into Rep King’s lack of respect for the rule of law argument.


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