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Tommy Robinson’s Latest Documentary: Release of the Pakistani Gang Behind Kriss Donald’s Murder! (Video)

Kriss Donald, a mere 15-year-old Scottish boy, fell victim to a nightmarish act of brutality, murdered by a Pakistani gang driven by racial hatred. His young life, filled with innocence, was extinguished in Scotland’s first racially motivated murder—a chilling landmark in its history.

NEWSFLASH: Tommy Robinson – The Rape of Britain Episode 5 (Video)

StreetMic will be in Telford with Tommy Robinson as he unveils part 5 of his documentary film entitled the Rape of Britain.

Plantation 2 – Rise Of The Celts – Tommy Robinson Documentary

Must watch.

Tommy Robinson: Fighting Irish Women Rise Up Against Migrant Rape Epidemic

The formerly idyllic, Catholic island of Ireland is being swamped by illegal immigrants let in by globalist elites conspiring to destroy the country. Tommy Robinson is in Ireland to expose the tragedy in his new documentary “Plantation 2 – Rise of the Celts”

Plantation 2 – Rise Of The Celts Promo

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— Urban Scoop (@ScoopUrban) February 24, 2023

The team at Urban Scoop led by Tommy went to southern Ireland to talk to the women of Ireland, who are “leading the charge” and talking about the migrant crisis that has led to an epidemic of rape and abuse. The “refugees” swamping Ireland are fom Ukraine, Afghanistan, Eritrea, Somalia and Nigeria.

Another Irish lady confirming yet another sexual assault in Ireland – by a migrant welcomed into her country by her politicians.

— Urban Scoop (@ScoopUrban) February 21, 2023

60% of the illegals coming though Dublin airport have no documentation. “They’re unvetted and undocumented, and have basically been released into the middle of Ireland, where people have had a culture shock, saying what’s going on here?”


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Tommy Robinson No Holds Barred! – Talk Tyranny, Freedom Of Speech, BBC, Andrew Tate & Much More! (Video)

KRN TV Was Lucky Enough To Sit Down Former EDL Leader Tommy Robinson. During This No Holds Barred Interview We Cover It All From The Origins Of The EDL, Government Tyranny, Main Stream Media Manipulation, Social Media Bans, BBC, John Sweeney, Andrew Tate & Much More!

Tommy Robinson & the Telford Grooming Scandal (Documentary)

Event in Telford exposing more crimes of child rape and abuse in the epicentre of the UK’s grooming epidemic.

Click here to watch Tommy Robinson & the Telford Grooming Scandal.

Tommy Robinson interview: ‘The elite are clearly in the process of Islamizing the West.’

Tommy Robinson is a journalist for The Rebel Media and the author of an autobiography, called “Enemy of the State”. We interview him about his new book: “Mohammed’s Koran: Why Muslims Kill For Islam”, co-authored by Peter McLoughlin.

VoE: Your social media accounts have exploded, you’ve became a reporter for the Rebel and you have a family: where did you find the time to write a book?

Robinson: As you probably know, the British state stitched me up and sent me to prison. Confined to a cell (in conditions in which they wouldn’t have put a Muslim terrorist) gave me plenty of time to read the Koran. But before that, in the early days of the English Defence League, we had many well-informed apostates telling us the ins and outs of Islam. And Peter is a good researcher and an imaginative thinker, so between the two of us we managed to come up with a revolutionary way to explain the Koran to ordinary people. My wife and kids don’t get nearly enough time with me, but I try to juggle many different demands. My book “Enemy of the State” shows just how hard it is for me to live a normal family life.


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Tommy Robinson: Sadiq Khan’s political correctness is endangering Londoners (Video)

Mayor Sadiq Khan is putting the lives of Londoners at risk with his commitment to scrapping stop and search, ending profiling, and ignoring crime statistics.

The result? A sharp increase in violent crime throughout the capital city, and machetes being brandished in broad daylight on our streets.

The crime statistics show an inverse correlation – when stop and search was slashed, violent crime increased.

London is now also the acid attack capital of Britain – and potentially even the world.

With attacks being under reported, who knows how many people are affected by this Third World crime.

Watch me expose Sadiq Khan’s total carelessness, negligence, and hatred for the regular people of London.

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Tommy Robinson: The truth about my 4 a.m. arrest (Video)

Tommy Robinson of was arrested at 4am earlier this month. Today, he can finally talk about why he was arrested, and talks about who the real criminals are.

Tommy Robinson ambushed for confronting Muslim councillor (Video)’s Tommy Robinson and Caolan Robertson were set upon by a gang after confronting a Labour Party politician who gave a character reference for a convicted paedophile.