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July 8, 2014

Why Lie? We are at War with Mexico by Tony Katz

Americans being threatened. Americans unable to move freely in their own country. Americans being fired upon. POW’s. America is at war with Mexico.

Not all of the illegal invaders coming over the border are Mexican. Not all of the illegal invaders coming over the border are old to enough to even know what’s happening to them. Not all of the illegal invaders coming over the border are looking to do Americans harm, nor are they carrying diseases or have gang affiliations. But every illegal invader has gained access through Mexico, and Mexico has allowed the attacks on our border.

It’s clear. We are at war with Mexico.

Drug cartels have long since run amok and with abandon, driving further into US soverign territory. Without regard for life – their own nor anyone else’s – they threaten to kill ranchers and others who live on the border, telling them to look the other way when they engage their drug smuggling operations.

Americans who vacation at places like Fox Lake in Texas have been killed by cartel members, simply for jet skiing on a lake. Arizona has taken to putting up signs, hundreds of miles from the border, telling people to be careful, to not pick up hitchhikers and – literally – warning Americans not to travel on American soil. Signs in the area read:


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May 8, 2014

First Annual Unite IE Conservative Conference in Riverside, CA, May 17th, 2014 (Video)

Featured speakers include: Ann Coulter, Dinesh D’Souza, Evan Sayet, Tony Katz, Lou Desmond, Elisha Krauss, Kurt Schlichter, Steven Kruiser and Brad Dacus.

Geared to get people connected and active with local groups in their community.

The IDEAL event for someone who needs encouragement to get involved!

Sign up here for the First Annual Unite IE Conservative Conference.

June 18, 2013

Tony Katz Tonight with Evan Sayet, Kurt Schlichter and Kira Davis (Video)

Tony Katz Tonight tapes some of its test run episodes. Join Tony for a conversation about the economy, Jason Collins and what is considered a slur? On the show Tony welcomes satirist Evan Sayet, lawyer and author Kurt Schlichter and actress and blogger Kira Davis