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Brokenomics | IQ (Video)

Dan speak to Professor Ed Dutton @TheJollyHeretic on the subject of Intelligence and how our society reacts to it.

The US Has Become A DEGENERATE CESSPOOL, Government CANNOT Be Neutral On Morality, Debate (Video)


Steven Pinker vs John Mearsheimer debate the enlightenment | Part 1 of FULL DEBATE (Video)

The Enlightenment advocated reason, science, democracy, and universal human rights as a grounding for human morality and social organization. In the quarter millennium since, to what extent have these ideals been realized? Has the Enlightenment in fact been successful in bringing about moral progress? Are there viable alternatives to the Enlightenment vision?

Peter Whittle: Our Country & Culture Are Struggling to Survive (Video)

Peter says Britain is in a state of emergency, and British people are starting to wake up to the ongoing destruction of their culture.

” YOUNG WHITE MEN FAILING And Woman Finally NOTICING. Is It Too Late? ” | The Coffee Pod (Video)

Chisha Zed

The Death Of Western Man & His Revival | The Culture War with Tim Pool (Video)


The decline and fall of Trafalgar Square, which was once the heart of London (Video)

It began with erecting a statue to a bloodthirsty fanatic and now even Easter is being ignored there; Trafalgar Square is no longer a centre for the celebration of patriotism

Inside the Bubble of Public Broadcasting – Josh Szeps (Video)

Josh Szeps is an Australian journalist and TV presenter. He has previously hosted Weekend Breakfast on ABC News and was a founding host for HuffPost Live. He is now the host of Uncomfortable Conversations with Josh Szeps.

The West in Decline – John Mearsheimer, Alexander Mercouris & Glenn Diesen (Video)

The Duran

America Collapsing Like Rome?- Upcoming Recession, WW3, Trump, China & Joe Rogan | Patrick Bet David (Video)

In today’s episode of Impact Theory, Patrick Bet-David and I go deep into leadership, manhood, the uncertain economic landscape, political turmoil, and the realities of success.