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November 8, 2021

The World No Longer Believes in American Democracy, and Neither do We

As Victor Davis Hanson laments in a fiery new book, America’s elites have degraded the concept of citizenship to the point that “tribalism and globalism are destroying the idea of America.”

If the end of the world came, but nobody told you about it, would you care? Here’s a stunning piece of information that appeared in exactly no American news media, right, left or center. I read about it in Global Times, the Chinese government’s English-language newspaper.

The Pew Research Institute, a respected non-partisan opinion research organization, polled the world’s major countries about American democracy. Only 17% said the U.S. “is a good example for other countries to follow,” while 57% said it used to be. Twenty-three percent said it never was.

It’s troubling that Americans have similar views. Only 19% of Americans think our democracy is a good model for others to follow, while 72% said it used to be 8% said it never was.

On the other hand, a majority had a good opinion of American entertainment products.


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November 5, 2021

Frank Furedi | ‘The Kids Aren’t Alright’ (Video)

Frank unpacks where he thinks society has gone wrong – blindly focusing on ‘safety’, setting our children up to fail in various ways, replacing traditional morality, unduly growing the role of the state and much more. From Big Tech to universities to Covid-19, no topics are off-limits.

November 4, 2021

Seven Brothers: The book that shaped a Nordic identity

A story about living in nature – and the value of culture – captures the spirit of Finland. Lizzie Enfield explores the remarkable legacy of Seven Brothers.

Finland is a place of extreme contrasts. It’s a land of vast arctic wildernesses and cultured civilised hubs. It is lauded for its education, quality of life and economic dynamism but its people have been prone to depression. It has long, light summers and cold, dark winters. It is fiercely independent, yet has a long history of occupation. But it is the reconciliation of these opposites that has shaped the nation, and there is a Finnish book that encapsulates the push and pull of these contrasts. It is also credited with turning Finland into one of the most literate nations on earth.

First published in 1870, Seitsemän Veljestä (Seven Brothers) by Aleksis Kivi was initially poorly received – but over the ensuing 151 years it has become a seminal text, Finland’s national novel, and the book that shaped modern Finland.

“Near the village of Toukola in southernmost Häme there is a hill, and upon the northern slope of that hill stands a house by the name of Jukola.” So begins the story of the seven brothers who opt out of society to live in the wilderness, only to be slowly lured back to civilisation.

This tale has become woven into the fabric of contemporary Finnish society, with spin-offs, theatre, TV and ballet adaptations. People name their children after the brothers, designers have taken inspiration from the story, and there is even a Seven Brothers knitting yarn used to make wool socks – in themselves a garment representative of the country’s icy northern plains.


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October 5, 2021

Facebook whistleblower accuses company of ‘tearing our societies apart’

The whistleblower said the company put profit ahead of the public good

Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen took aim at her former employer, accusing the social media giant of “tearing our societies apart” in an interview with CBS’ 60 Minutes.

“The version of Facebook that exists today is tearing our societies apart and causing ethnic violence around the world,” Haugen told 60 Minutes Sunday.

Haugen accused the company of placing profit above the good for the public, despite assurances from Facebook leadership that the company was working to make the platform safe.


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October 2, 2021

Paul Joseph Watson: Guess What Happened to This Hotel After it Allowed 150 Afghan Refugees to Stay (Video)

Paying guests got some cultural enrichment they were not expecting.

September 9, 2021

Time to stand up for English history and culture (Video)

In England, we are so obsessed with respecting the cultures of other nations and acknowledging the worth of all religions and beliefs, that we often forget that we too have a culture. All too often, being considerate of other cultures entails abandoning or dismissing our own.

September 6, 2021

White People are Awesome (Video)

Mr. Reagan

August 21, 2021

Polish Region Votes to Stay “LGBT-Free” Despite Risk of Losing EU Funds

The resolution is also strongly supported by the Roman Catholic Church. “Freedom has its price. This price includes honor. Freedom can’t be bought with money,” Archbishop Marek J?draszewski said during a Sunday sermon while warning of the “battle between the Virgin Mary and her followers against neo-Marxist LGBT ideology.”

A Polish regional assembly has decided to preserve itself as an “LGBT-free zone” in spite of receiving a warning from the European Commission and threats of having more than €2.5 billion ($2.9 billion) cut from European Union funding.

On Thursday, the regional council in Poland’s Ma?opolska province, aka Lesser Poland, voted against an opposition motion to revoke a 2019 resolution that declared the predominantly Catholic area as being free from “LGBT ideology,” Polish media reports. The measure banned the promotion of homosexuality and other deviated sexual identities in public spaces such as schools. The 2019 resolution states:

The sejmik [parliament] of the Ma?opolskie Voivodeship expresses its strong opposition to the emerging public activities aimed at promoting the ideology of LGBT movements, the goals of which violate the fundamental rights and freedoms guaranteed by acts of international law, undermine the values protected in the Polish Constitution, and interfere with the social order.


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August 6, 2021

Anyone else still grateful for Christopher Columbus?

Chuck Norris says if faults were a reason to ‘cancel,’ he’d have to toss his championships

Aug. 3 marks an important date in the history of the Americas. It is the date, 529 years ago, when Christopher Columbus set sail for a new world. I’m mentioning it here because if Columbus made any contributions, they all are being swiftly wiped and whitewashed from U.S. culture, classrooms and textbooks.

As most know, the cancel culture movement has been on warpath these past few years by toppling statues of those who don’t match our progressive politically-correct society, and it is still marching on. Case in point: Christopher Columbus.

Here are a few recent headlines:


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June 6, 2021

Institutional Collapse

“Like the Soviet system after the Afghan war, the American empire is now running on fumes.”

Every human organization has social trust. The belief in the honesty, integrity, and reliability of others is what makes human organization possible. There is the vertical trust between layers within the social hierarchy and there is horizontal trust between members within a segment of society. Social trust is the mortar that holds the blocks of a human society together, but also the grease that keeps the wheels turning.

In large-scale human societies, social trust is embodied in the institutions, which are the superstructure of society. The official church, for example, will facilitate the building of bonds between the members of society, but also provide a clear set of rules to govern social relations. The reason the partnership between throne and altar worked so well in the West for so long is it provided for both vertical and horizontal social trust.

When the institutional church faltered, Europe was plunged into a period of chaos. The Thirty Years’ War reduced parts of Europe to cannibalism. About 20 percent of the population of Europe died in that series of conflicts. Since the battles were mainly in central Europe, whole areas were depopulated. The devastation of the Thirty Years’ War is a good example of the danger that lies in undermining the authority of institutions.


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