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Crisis in the Amazon: Will the largest rainforest in the world survive? – BBC World Service (Video)

The Amazon rainforest experienced its worst drought on record in 2023. Villages became unreachable by river, wildfires raged and wildlife died.

The mad fantasy of living in a world which is not reliant upon oil for travel (Video)

It is impossible to walk down the street or ride a bicycle in Britain without relying on oil. Every journey taken in this country requires oil to undertake.

This Is What They Don’t Want You to Know About the Climate Agenda (Video)

If fossil fuels come from fossils, why have scientists found them on one of Saturn’s moons? A lot of what you’ve heard about energy is false. Dr. Willie Soon and Tucker Carlson discuss.

The Untold Truth of California’s Recycling | Heidi Sanborn (Video)

Many Californians care about recycling, but you may not know a lot of what you’re recycling ends up in the landfill. We used to rely on China to take our recyclables, but they’re no longer taking them.

The FULL Judith Curry Interview: Climate Scientist Says World Won’t End (Video)

Climate scientist Judith Curry bravely says climate change isn’t a “crisis.” She explains how the scientific community became corrupted by “fame and fortune.”

Zelenskyy Preaches Climate Change in The US While Ukrainian Rep Threatens War Journalists (Video)

An0maly – News Analysis & Hip-hop

The ULEZ protests signal the rise of the vigilante in Britain (Video)

When ordinary and respectable people feel that they are ignored and treated unjustly, they sometimes take the law into their own hands.

Hot or Not: Steven Koonin Questions Conventional Climate Science and Methodology| Uncommon Knowledge (Video)

ranging discussion, based in part on his 2021 book, Unsettled: What Climate Science Tells Us, What It Doesn’t, and Why It Matters, Koonin gives a more refined look at the science behind the climate issue than the media typically offers, guiding us through the evidence and its implications.

Degrowth: The West’s Great Leap Backwards (Video)

The “Net Zero” and “Sustainability” movements, which no one outside of captured institutions and minds particularly likes or trusts, is advancing to a new initiative, whether we like it or not. That initiative is every bit as bad as it sounds: Degrowth. The idea is that the West has grown too big to be sustainable, so it is time to back off from growth, or to move “beyond growth,” to draw another of their brands.

The Net Zero dream begins to unravel when the sun shines! (Video)

Replacing our oil and coal with sunshine and wind sounds fine in theory, but it does not work very well in the summer. Or autumn.