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November 20, 2017

Wilson Pickett – Mustang Sally


November 12, 2017

Poland Tells Young People to ‘Breed Like Rabbits’ to Solve Declining Population, Rejecting Mass Migration (Video)

Unlike Germany, which believes mass migration from third world countries is the only way to solve their demographic decline, Poland is encouraging couples to make their own citizens by ‘breeding like rabbits’, with the help of an educational video from the Polish health ministry.

Stopping short of a tutorial of baby making, the 30-second video put out by the National Health Programme opens with a field of rabbits and closes with a shot of a lovestruck couple enjoying a picnic, with a bunny seen popping out of a picnic basket.

“We rabbits know how to take care of our many offspring,” says the narrator, from the point of view of a rabbit, who then advises viewers to exercise, eat healthily, do not get stressed out, and “if you want to become a parent one day, take the example of rabbits”.

Poland’s “do it yourself” approach runs contrary to progressive concepts disseminated by left-wing media, with Time magazine promoting the “child free” life, and National Geographic suggesting the “New Europeans”, who entered the continent during the 2015 migrant crisis, are the future of Europe.


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November 11, 2017

Complete Classic Movie: The Untouchables (1987)

Stars: Kevin Costner, Sean Connery, Charles Martin Smith. Federal Agent Eliot Ness sets out to stop Al Capone; because of rampant corruption, he assembles a small, hand-picked team.

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November 7, 2017

Why You Hate Contemporary Architecture

And if you don’t, why you should…

The British author Douglas Adams had this to say about airports: “Airports are ugly. Some are very ugly. Some attain a degree of ugliness that can only be the result of special effort.” Sadly, this truth is not applicable merely to airports: it can also be said of most contemporary architecture.

Take the Tour Montparnasse, a black, slickly glass-panelled skyscraper, looming over the beautiful Paris cityscape like a giant domino waiting to fall. Parisians hated it so much that the city was subsequently forced to enact an ordinance forbidding any further skyscrapers higher than 36 meters.

Or take Boston’s City Hall Plaza. Downtown Boston is generally an attractive place, with old buildings and a waterfront and a beautiful public garden. But Boston’s City Hall is a hideous concrete edifice of mind-bogglingly inscrutable shape, like an ominous component found left over after you’ve painstakingly assembled a complicated household appliance. In the 1960s, before the first batch of concrete had even dried in the mold, people were already begging preemptively for the damn thing to be torn down. There’s a whole additional complex of equally unpleasant federal buildings attached to the same plaza, designed by Walter Gropius, an architect whose chuckle-inducing surname belies the utter cheerlessness of his designs. The John F. Kennedy Building, for example—featurelessly grim on the outside, infuriatingly unnavigable on the inside—is where, among other things, terrified immigrants attend their deportation hearings, and where traumatized veterans come to apply for benefits. Such an inhospitable building sends a very clear message, which is: the government wants its lowly supplicants to feel confused, alienated, and afraid.


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November 1, 2017

Steve Says: The Elites are selling out America (Video)

The Committee on Foreign Investments in the United States has been selling American tech advancements to the Chinese for years.

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October 30, 2017

Twitter Never Told Investigators About Its Efforts to Sell Ads to Russian Media During the Election

The financial woes plaguing Twitter are likely to become worse, as revelations about its relationship with Russian media during the election causes great damage to its liberal-friendly brand message.

A spokesperson for the top Democrat on the committee, Sen. Mark Warner, D-Va., confirmed on Thursday that Twitter never disclosed the proposal when it spoke with members during a closed-door briefing in September.

Earlier on Thursday RT’s editor-in-chief, Margarita Simonyan, revealed that Twitter encouraged RT, a Russian state-funded media outlet, to buy ads during the 2016 election.

“Hope @jack won’t forget to tell @congressdotgov how @Twitter pitched @RT_com to spend big $s on US elex ad campaign,” she tweeted, adding insult to injury by tagging Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.


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October 29, 2017

Gorka on Uranium One Deal: ‘If This Had Happened in the 1950s, There Would Be People Up on Treason Charges Right Now’ (Video)

“This is equivalent to what the Rosenberg’s did, and those people got the chair. Think about it. Giving away nuclear capabilities to our enemies, that’s what we’re talking about.”

Thursday on Fox News Channel’s “Hannity,” former Trump White House deputy assistant Sebastian Gorka weighed in on the new revelations behind the Uranium One deal.

The deal, which allocated Russia 20 percent of the United States’ strategic uranium reserves and laid out in Breitbart editor-at-large Peter Schweizer’s book “Clinton Cash: The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich,” would have been grounds for treason charges in the 1950s, Gorka argued.

Partial transcript as follows:

HANNITY: Let me bring former deputy assistant to President Trump, Sebastian Gorka. I did mean to introduce you, and I just got ahead of myself, as I often do. I apologize. Dr. Gorka, I want to look big picture here. And I thought Sarah Sanders said this very well, and I take it a step further. Everything that they tried to say about Donald Trump and his campaign, they’re guilty of. But I’ll add on steroids and human growth hormones. That they sold out America’s security in this case. Give me the big picture take away from this because now the media has gone silent on Russia, virtually silent.


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October 27, 2017

HIV-Positive School Aide Tried To Infect Children, Police Say

The state of Maryland is seeking a life sentence.

An HIV-positive man who worked at a middle school allegedly sexually assaulted more than 40 children, intentionally trying to transfer the virus to five of his victims, officials said Monday.

Carlos Deangelo Bell, a 30-year-old man from Waldorf, Maryland, who worked as a teacher’s aide and track coach, was arrested in July and was believed to have victimized 24 underage children at that point.

Bell is now accused of assaulting 42 juveniles, according to a Monday report from the Charles County State’s Attorney’s Office that released new details discovered during a police investigation over the past few months. Altogether, he now faces 206 counts on various sex abuse charges. He is accused of targeting victims from the ages of 11 to 17.

According to Fox News, he targeted his victims at Maryland’s “Benjamin Stoddert Middle School, at his home and possibly at other locations between May 2015 and June 2017.”


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October 20, 2017

Fake News: Viking Burial Clothes Did Not Reference ‘Allah’

Last week Swedish researchers claimed to have found evidence that a piece of Viking burial clothing contained Arabic script and references to Allah, but new research has proved the claims to be false.

The team of Swedish researchers from Uppsala University claimed that they had found at least two instances of Viking-age artefacts influenced by Islam. Archaeologist Annika Larsson said the cloth they reexamined had Kufic script from the Middle East, but according to a Medieval Islamic scholar that is impossible as the Kufic script was not invented until 500 years later.

Stephennie Mulder, an expert on Medieval Islam at the University of Texas at Austin, said that it despite there being proven contact between the Viking civilisation and the Muslim world, it was impossible for the textile to contain a script which had yet to have been invented.

“It’s a style called square Kufic, and it’s common in Iran, C. Asia on architecture after 15th century,” she wrote on Twitter.


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October 16, 2017

The Mummy – Trailer