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September 19, 2017

Public university stands behind ‘white supremacist’ professor for defending colonialism

Colleague defends him: ‘His job, literally, is to publish in peer-reviewed journals’

A public university that evaluates job applicants with 44 questions about “cultural competencies” is standing behind a professor facing a professional blacklist for making “the case for colonialism.”

Scholars and students around the world are calling for peer-reviewed Third World Quarterly, which is published by the multinational academic publisher Routledge, to retract the September article by Bruce Gilley, associate professor of political science at Portland State University, and replace the journal’s editors.

Described by The Wall Street Journal as a “renowned China scholar,” Gilley analyzes the history of Western colonialism and compares cases of countries before, during and after colonialism in his article. He argues that the practice has merit and in many cases has benefited colonized societies in spite of its known downsides on native populations.

A week after the article was published, it began to make the rounds among activist circles, prompting outrage on social media and planned protests in response.

Vijay Prashad, an Indian historian and former Edward Said chair at the American University of Beirut, threatened to resign from the editorial board of Third World Quarterly if it did not retract the article.


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September 18, 2017

Frank Sinatra & Count Basie – TV Concert

October 1965

September 16, 2017

The Buggles – Video Killed the Radio Star


September 14, 2017

Complete Classic Movie: Edge of Darkness (2010)

Stars: Mel Gibson, Ray Winstone and Danny Huston. As homicide detective Thomas Craven investigates the death of his activist daughter, he uncovers not only her secret life, but a corporate cover-up and government collusion that attracts an agent tasked with cleaning up the evidence.

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September 13, 2017

Girls as Young as Nine Are Trafficked into Forced Marriages in Australia

More than 50 girls in New South Wales were trafficked into forced marriages to older men, with some ‘brides’ being as young as nine years old.

Australia’s Seven News obtained documents from the Australian Federal Police on child marriage in the country. In just two years, a total of 57 children were victims of forced marriage in Australia, with almost all, 51, being from the Sydney area.

The AFP documents included: references to an email from a girl who wrote she was being held against her will and being forced to marry; a situation report with allegations of a forced marriage at the end of the school year; and a human trafficking referral of a girl who was forced to travel outside of Australia and then exploited.

Family and Community Services Minister Pru Goward said that children were under “enormous pressure” from their parents to marry. The minister said ‘the community’ “does know” that child brides do exist, but they choose to “turn the other cheek”, and ignore it.


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September 10, 2017

Godsmack – I Stand Alone


September 8, 2017

Pancho Villa Pt. III: The Fall of Pancho Villa

Following the raid on Columbus, Wilson ordered General John J. Pershing to take an army and cross the border into Mexico to capture or kill Pancho Villa.

At one time Pancho Villa got an American film company from Hollywood to make a war movie from one of his battles. He even offered to attack at a time of day when the light was best for the cameras. A movie, called, The Life of General Villa, was made but failed at the box office because the American audiences didn’t think it was “realistic” enough. Villa also hired American barnstorming pilots to fly over the enemy trenches and drop homemade bombs. It’s believed the first aerial combat in history took place in the blue skies over Naco, Sonora. Dean Lamb and Phil Roder were a couple of American barnstorming pilots who joined the action. Lamb flew for Villa, while Roder was in the employ of the federales. The planes had no guns so the pair emptied their six-shooters at each other in the skies high over Naco and then flew off into the wild blue yonder.

During a land battle near Douglas, several bullets flew into American homes. Spectators gathered on the roof of the Gadsden Hotel to watch the action. A stray bullet went through an open window and shot the tail feathers off a parakeet.

At one point the Sheriff of Cochise County, Harry Wheeler, rode out between the armies carrying a white flag. He got the two opposing Mexican generals together and asked them to move their men so they wouldn’t be shooting towards the American side. The generals obliged and the battle resumed.


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September 4, 2017

Kyle Chapman’s (Based Stickman) Change in Tactics (Video)

“I never thought I’d say this…”

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This looks like the worst week ever for Antifa. Leftist media and democratic leadership have stopped justifying and covering for them. The President has called Antifa out by name. Antifa is on the verge of being declared a terrorist organization. These changes are largely in part due to Antifa’s actions at Boston and Berkeley. They attacked police officers and harmless Trump supporters. It’s clear that Antifa are acting like rabid dogs and domestic terrorists.

Corrupt police departments and mayors have also been exposed for standing down and allowing citizens rights to be trampled upon.

In a post-Charlottesville political theater, brawls with people geared up can be optically spun with blame given to both sides. Pundits and politicians will make comparisons to Charlottesville and paint Trump supporters as racist agitators. Additionally the left is able to mobilize huge numbers against us; with 40k in Boston, 7k in Berkeley. They have too much wind in their sails. We need a new strategy.

The strategy (FOR NOW..) should be one of peaceful non-violent resistance in the spirt of the 1960s civil rights marches. Optically these marches could not be spun. The aggression and violence of segregationist democrats was on full display because the marchers did not fight back. We should avoid seeking direct confrontations. Let them come to us. Take the abuse and get it on video for the world to see. We’ll continue to expose the violent left and the corrupt cities that enable them. There is great risk in this type of resistance. The presence of women should be minimized.


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September 2, 2017

Complete Classic Movie: Her Husband’s Affairs (1947)

Stars: Lucille Ball, Franchot Tone, Edward Everett Horton. A scientist invents a formula that removes old, thinning hair and replaces it with thick, new hair. Complications ensue.

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August 30, 2017

‘All Cultures Are Not Equal’

Law professors Amy Wax and Larry Alexander wrote an op-ed for the Philadelphia Inquirer that made a commonsense argument: that many of our social problems today stem from a collapse of middle-class cultural norms.


Was everything perfect during the period of bourgeois cultural hegemony? Of course not. There was racial discrimination, limited sex roles, and pockets of anti-Semitism. However, steady improvements for women and minorities were underway even when bourgeois norms reigned. Banishing discrimination and expanding opportunity does not require the demise of bourgeois culture. Quite the opposite: The loss of bourgeois habits seriously impeded the progress of disadvantaged groups. That trend also accelerated the destructive consequences of the growing welfare state, which, by taking over financial support of families, reduced the need for two parents. A strong pro-marriage norm might have blunted this effect. Instead, the number of single parents grew astronomically, producing children more prone to academic failure, addiction, idleness, crime, and poverty.

All cultures are not equal. Or at least they are not equal in preparing people to be productive in an advanced economy. The culture of the Plains Indians was designed for nomadic hunters, but is not suited to a First World, 21st-century environment. Nor are the single-parent, antisocial habits, prevalent among some working-class whites; the anti-“acting white” rap culture of inner-city blacks; the anti-assimilation ideas gaining ground among some Hispanic immigrants. These cultural orientations are not only incompatible with what an advanced free-market economy and a viable democracy require, they are also destructive of a sense of solidarity and reciprocity among Americans. If the bourgeois cultural script — which the upper-middle class still largely observes but now hesitates to preach — cannot be widely reinstated, things are likely to get worse for us all.