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Ibram X. Kendi’s Massive Fall From Grace Exposed in New York Times Profile, with Glenn Loury (Video)

Megyn Kelly is joined by Glenn Loury, author of “Late Admissions,” to discuss the New York Times’ profile of Ibram X. Kendi exposing his fall from grace, how his racist ideas have fallen out of favor, and more.

LISTEN: Hunter Biden Jury Hears Hunter in His Own Words About Drug Use, w/ Viva Frei & Phil Holloway (Video)

Megyn Kelly is joined by legal experts Viva Frei and Phil Holloway to discuss the audio excerpts from Hunter Biden’s memoir about his drug use that the jury is hearing, the immense evidence against him, and more.

Military Under Biden Alienated Conservatives, & America’s Military-Industrial Complex, w/ Shawn Ryan (Video)

Megyn Kelly is joined by Shawn Ryan, host of “The Shawn Ryan Show” and former Navy SEAL, to discuss the woke agenda in the military under Biden turning off conservative families, the military industrial complex going back to Dick Cheney and the Bush administration, the lack of accountability in both parties, and more.

Everything The Media Reported About George Floyd Was Wrong, According to New Documentary (Video)

Megyn Kelly is joined by Liz Collin and JC Chaix, producer and director of “The Fall of Minneapolis,” to discuss the truth about George Floyd’s erratic behavior the day he died, what new police bodycam footage shows about Floyd that changes the narrative completely, and more.

The Truth About The “Violent Crime is Lowest in 50 Years” Leftist Lie, with Heather Mac Donald (Video)

Megyn Kelly is joined by Heather Mac Donald, author of “When Race Trumps Merit,” to discuss the leftist lie that “violent crime is at its lowest point in 50 years,” the truth about the stats, what’s really behind the rise in crime in American cities, the truth about policing and the black community, and more.

Professor Protesting Ann Coulter Shows Sense of Entitlement, with Charles Cooke and Jim Geraghty (Video)

Megyn Kelly is joined by Charles C.W. Cooke and Jim Geraghty of National Review to discuss the sense of entitlement from a tenured undocumented Cornell professor protesting against Ann Coulter, whether there’s an epidemic of entitlement among the new generation of Americans, and more.

NPR CEO’s Insane Woke Old Tweets Uncovered as Whistleblower is Suspended, with Ruthless Podcast (Video)

Megyn Kelly is joined by Josh Holmes, Comfortably Smug, Michael Duncan, and John Ashbrook, hosts of the Ruthless podcast, to discuss the new NPR CEO’s insane, old woke tweets, the suspension of the whistleblower, the decline of NPR, and more.

Don Lemon and D.L. Hughley Smear Half the Country… and Elon Musk, with Stu Burguiere & Dave Marcus (Video)

Megyn Kelly is joined by Stu Burguiere, host of BlazeTV’s Stu Does America, and Dave Marcus, columnist for The Daily Mail and Fox News, to discuss Don Lemon and D.L. Hughley’s complaining that you can’t engage with anyone who supports Trump, Lemon’s long-standing “disdain and disgust” of Trump, Hughley claiming Elon Musk is a white supremacist, and more.

Dan Wootton Describes Crazy Censorship Regime in the U.K. and His Forced Exit From GB News (Video)

Megyn Kelly is joined by Dan Wootton, host of “Dan Wootton Outspoken,” to discuss the crazy censorship regime in the U.K., the on-air moment that led to his forced exit from GB News, what was really behind the “witchhunt” against him, and more.

Megyn Kelly Reveals the Truth About George Stephanopoulos’ Past Shaming of Sexual Assault Victims (Video)

Megyn Kelly reveals the truth about George Stephanopoulos past shaming of sexual assault victims while working for Bill Clinton, his outrageous questioning of Rep. Nancy Mace over her support of Trump and past rape, the leftist hypocrisy from ABC and the rest of the corporate media, and more.