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September 14, 2017

Jordan Peterson – Is it Game Over? (Video)

Mark Steyn asks Peterson if the end is approaching the West.

June 25, 2017

The Mark Steyn Show with Douglas Murray (Video)

Mark talks to Douglas Murray, with whom he last appeared on the tenth anniversary of the Mohammed cartoons in the Danish Parliament. Douglas discusses his new book The Strange of Death of Europe: Immigration, Identity, Islam, published in America this week and which Mark describes as “profound”.

September 24, 2015

Mark Steyn on the future of the GOP field, Clinton campaign (Video)

Columnist goes on ‘Hannity’ and makes his predictions for 2016.

June 26, 2015

Yankee supremacists trash South’s heroes

Ilana Mercer offers history lesson on ‘sovereigntists’ who defended South.

Fox News anchor Sean Hannity promised to provide a much-needed history of the much-maligned Confederate flag. For a moment, it seemed as though he and his guest, Mark Steyn, would deliver on the promise and lift the veil of ignorance. But no: The two showmen conducted a tactical tit-for-tat. They pinned the battle flag of the Army of Northern Virginia on the Southern Democrats (aka Dixiecrats). “I’m too sexy for my sheet,” sneered Steyn.

It fell to the woman who used to come across as the consummate Yankee supremacist to edify. The new Ann Coulter is indeed lovely:

Also on Fox, Ms. Coulter remarked that she was “appalled by” South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley’s call “for the removal of the Confederate battle flag from the state Capitol.” As “a student of American history,” Coulter offered that “the Confederate flag we’re [fussing] about never flew over an official Confederate building. It was a battle flag. It is to honor Robert E. Lee. And anyone who knows the first thing about military history knows that there is no greater army that ever took to the battle field than the Confederate Army.”

And anyone who knows the first thing about human valor knows that there was no man more valorous and courageous than Robert E. Lee, whose “two uncles signed the Declaration of Independence and [whose] father was a notable cavalry officer in the War for Independence.”


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January 8, 2015

Mark Steyn on Charlie Hebdo Massacre: Islam Not the Only Villain

Speaking on Toronto radio this morning, Mark Steyn noted (as he has for years) that belligerent Islam is aided and abetted by non-Muslim Western “leaders”: “All the appeasing politicians, journalists, cops, human resources directors, professors, their students and the entire apparatus of the elite intelligentsia who make excuses for terrorism, and who scold us poor benighted proles to stop being ‘Islamophobic.'”

Speaking on Toronto radio this morning, Mark Steyn noted (as he has for years) that belligerent Islam is aided and abetted by non-Muslim Western “leaders”:

All the appeasing politicians, journalists, cops, human resources directors, professors, their students and the entire apparatus of the elite intelligentsia who make excuses for terrorism, and who scold us poor benighted proles to stop being “Islamophobic.”

He told Toronto’s John Oakley:

In my book, I print the lyrics to a parody song I do on stage called, “My Sharia Amour.”

I took to doing that because I’d been dragged through the Human Rights Commissions and spent a day in a Vancouver courtroom listening to some so-called expert witness who’d been flown in from Philadelphia to do ‘literary analysis’ on my jokes about Islam.

That has no place in a Canadian courtroom.

“In the end,” Steyn continued:

Attempting to mediate relations between free people and Islam will not work. Islam either has to get on board with the whole freedom of speech thing or it cannot participate in pluralistic western democracies. It’s as simple as that.


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November 18, 2014

Why a German lingerie ad leads Mark Steyn to question whether Western civilization can survive (Audio)

During the interview, which you can listen to in full below, we also had the chance to talk with Steyn about everything from the fall of the Berlin Wall to GruberGate, and more…

In a wide-ranging interview with bestselling author and political commentator Mark Steyn in connection with his new book “The Undocumented Mark Steyn,” we had the chance to ask Mark how given America’s political correctness and intellectual dishonesty, the country is going to survive in light of the threats posed by enemies such as Islamic supremacists.

Steyn’s response?

America may not survive, and it is examples like that of a German lingerie ad that in his view most augur our potential destruction.

Steyn explained, in a portion of our interview that you can hear below:


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November 6, 2014

Author Mark Steyn on What Can People Expect to See From Washington in the Next Few Years (Video)

Beck asked Steyn what will happen if the president takes executive action to legalize millions of illegal immigrants.

Author and political commentator Mark Steyn said Monday that we are living in a “post-constitutional order” where President Barack Obama seems to “[wake] up every morning and [decide] which portions of the Obamacare law apply and which portions of the immigration laws apply and which he’s going to toss in the garbage can.”

“I think there’s going to be a lot more than that in the next couple of years,” Steyn warned, speaking on The Glenn Beck Program. “And his base is generally cool with that and they will manage, as they generally succeed in doing, in blaming it on intransigent Republicans that he can’t work with.”

The author, whose new book “The Undocumented Mark Steyn: Don’t Say You Weren’t Warned” was released last month, said Americans will see a lot more of “King Barack deciding which laws apply and which don’t” before his presidency ends.


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November 1, 2014

Cat Scratch Fever: Steyn’s Song for the Season by Ted Nugent (Audio)

You know you’ve been waiting for this: Mark Steyn sings Ted Nugent!

Listen here.

We always like to have a few Halloween horrors around this time of year: our Song of the Week this week is “Witchcraft”, and our movie date is Wolf. But for our Halloween audio special Mark thought he’d sing something extra scary.

As you know, his new book is The [Un]documented Mark Steyn. It’s published by Regnery. So Mark thought it might be fun to sing something by a fellow Regnery author. He riffled through The Dinesh D’Souza Songbook and the score for Newt Gingrich’s unproduced Broadway musical, but came up empty. So he went instead with a song by Ted Nugent, author of the Regnery bestsellers Ted, White And Blue and Kill It And Grill It. Click above to hear Mark’s take on Ted’s hard rockin’ classic, “Cat Scratch Fever”.


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October 24, 2014

Mark Steyn: A GOP Win in November Doesn’t Change Anything (Video)

“Election Day is one day a year, and the culture is the other 364 days a year,” said Steyn. “So if you’re not in there competing in the schools, competing in the pop culture, competing in the media, competing in the main-line churches, then the air we breathe becomes liberal.”

Could Republican’s win big on Election Day and still be behind the ball in the grand scheme of things? Mark Steyn seems to think so.

According to the conservative columnist, even though conservatives and Republicans may do well on Nov. 4, liberals are winning the other 364 days throughout the year, or the “culture stakes,” with tremendous effect on our society.


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October 21, 2014

Why the real battle for America is over culture, not elections by Mark Steyn

Liberals expend tremendous effort changing the culture. Conservatives expend tremendous effort changing elected officials every other November — and then are surprised that it doesn’t make much difference.

Over the past few decades, I’ve seen enough next-presidents-of-the-United-States for several lifetimes: Phil Gramm, Pete Wilson, Bob Dornan, Bob Dole, Elizabeth Dole, Orrin Hatch, Gary Bauer, Lamar Alexander, Tom Tancredo, Tommy Thompson, Alan Keyes.?.?.?.

Would it have made any difference to the country had any of these fine upstanding fellows prevailed? Or would we be pretty much where we are anyway? Aside from a trade agreement here, a federal regulation there, I’d plump for the latter.

You can’t have conservative government in a liberal culture, and that’s the position the Republican Party is in.

After the last election, I said that the billion dollars spent by the Romney campaign on robocalls and TV ads and all the rest had been entirely wasted, and the Electoral College breakdown would have been pretty much what it was if they’d just tossed the dough into the Potomac and let it float out to sea. But imagine the use all that money and time could have been put to out there in the wider world.


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