The 4 most disturbing news stories by John Rocker

John Rocker is disgusted by ongoing black-on-white criminal attacks.

I probably shouldn’t write what I’m getting ready to, but at this point I can hold my tongue no longer. What I’m about to say may offend a great majority of you, but it’s something that absolutely needs to be aired out in a public forum. I may be off the mark to some degree, but in my defense I’ve done a substantial amount of living and experienced more cultures, seen more places and done more things in my life than many could do in three lifetimes, allowing me to gain a vast perspective on many issues within our society. I will be the first to apologize for making such an obnoxious statement, but if you only knew what went on behind the scenes during a career in professional sports, you’d understand.

At times I can be moderately eloquent. This will not be eloquent, however. It will be blunt, harsh and to the point. And for that I apologize, but when I consistently observe the escalation of lunacy I can only subdue my emotions and rationalizations for so long.

That time has elapsed.

I’m tired of watching it! I’m tired of hearing about it! I’m tired of reading about it! I’m tired of the disgusting behavior, the pandering excuses and the pathetic justifications! ENOUGH! ENOUGH! ENOUGH! Every time I turn on the TV or pick up a newspaper I have to witness or read about some despicable circumstance perpetrated by members of the black community. In the last two weeks alone, I’ve followed four of the most disturbing stories I can recall. And I’m quite certain that as shocked as I am today regarding the beating of 88-year-old Delbert Benton; the “thrill kill” of Chris Lane; the point-blank murder of 13-month-old Antonio Santiago and the three-on-one beating of a junior high school student in St. Petersburg, Fla. – I’ll be further blown away with the next cycle of savage behavior that goes largely suppressed by the media and without comment from the president of the United States or the attorney general.

I’m tired of hearing this every day.


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