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January 25, 2018

Higher Education Is Drowning in BS

And it’s mortally corrosive to society.

I have had nearly enough bullshit. The manure has piled up so deep in the hallways, classrooms, and administration buildings of American higher education that I am not sure how much longer I can wade through it and retain my sanity and integrity.

Even worse, the accumulated effects of all the academic BS are contributing to this country’s disastrous political condition and, ultimately, putting at risk the very viability and character of decent civilization. What do I mean by BS?

BS is the university’s loss of capacity to grapple with life’s Big Questions, because of our crisis of faith in truth, reality, reason, evidence, argument, civility, and our common humanity.

BS is the farce of what are actually “fragmentversities” claiming to be universities, of hyperspecialization and academic disciplines unable to talk with each other about obvious shared concerns.

BS is the expectation that a good education can be provided by institutions modeled organizationally on factories, state bureaucracies, and shopping malls — that is, by enormous universities processing hordes of students as if they were livestock, numbers waiting in line, and shopping consumers.


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January 23, 2018

Social Justice In Universities (With Lindsay Shepherd) – Video

Must watch Brittany Pettibone video.

1,500+ profs vow to resist intellectual ‘intolerance’

More than 1,500 professors have now endorsed Heterodox Academy’s mission to support “viewpoint diversity” and “free inquiry” on campus. Several Heterodox members told Campus Reform that they were motivated to join after witnessing firsthand the corrupting influence of the increasingly “authoritarian culture” on campus.

More than 1,500 professors have now endorsed Heterodox Academy’s mission to support “viewpoint diversity” and “free inquiry” on campus.

Founded in 2015, Heterodox Academy is the brainchild of New York University Professor Jonathan Haidt and Georgetown Law Professor Nicholas Quinn Rosenkranz, who have recruited like-minded professors to combat “the near absence of political diversity” in many academic fields.

“Our goal is attain enough diversity—and enough room for diverse viewpoints to be aired without fear of consequences—that orthodoxies get disrupted and the normal processes of debate and disconfirmation can work their magic,” asserts the group’s founding statement.


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January 22, 2018

French Leftists Complain Their Children Cannot Succeed in ‘Diverse’ Paris District Schools

Leftist parents living in the heavily-migrant populated 18th arrondissement of Paris are finding themselves conflicted, as they want “diversity” yet complain that the schools in their “diverse” district are failing.

For many years, leftist couples have moved from the expensive centre of Paris to the heavily-migrant populated district, and now that they have children they have found the “mixed” schools in the areas to be substandard.

Indeed, schools in the area have become known as “ghetto schools” and many French now attempt to move their children elsewhere, French newspaper Liberation reports.

The paper, which conducted an investigation into the issue, claims that leftist parents do not want to “sacrifice” their child to their beliefs and many parents are putting the success of their children above their multicultural ideals.

Julien Grenet, a teacher at the Paris School of Economics, said: “You cannot blame them for saying no. What is shocking is that some parents, very intellectually armed, are blind and deny segregation with false arguments.”

Rising unemployment has led to parents becoming increasingly obsessed with getting their children into preferred schools.

Grenet said that the segregation of schools along cultural and ethnic lines is unlikely to change. “We have reached such a gap between some schools, it is difficult to go back and reintroduce the mixture,” he said.


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January 14, 2018

Heather Mac Donald: How Diversity Bureaucrats Ruined the Universities (Video)

Heather Lynn Mac Donald (born 1956) is an American political commentator, essayist, attorney and journalist. She is described as a secular conservative. She has advocated positions on numerous subjects including victimization, philanthropy, immigration reform and crime prevention. She is a Thomas W. Smith Fellow of the Manhattan Institute.

January 13, 2018

Former dean says Mizzou fired her for questioning racial quotas

A former dean is suing the University of Missouri School of Medicine, alleging that she was fired because of her race and for expressing skepticism of certain diversity initiatives. Dr. Rachel Brown claims that she began to face retaliation after she suggested that legal counsel review a proposal to impose racial quotas in admissions.

A former dean is suing the University of Missouri School of Medicine for wrongful termination, alleging that she was fired because of her race and skepticism of certain diversity initiatives.

Dr. Rachel Brown, former associate dean of recruitment, admission, and student life at MU’s medical school, filed a lawsuit against her former employer on December 18 in which she claims that race was a “contributing factor” in her termination.

After Mizzou’s infamous 2015 protests, followed by a 2016 accreditation review that “found deficiencies” in the School of Medicine’s diversity practices, Brown recommended that it seek “external consultation about the issues of diversity and inclusion.”

According her lawsuit, she argued at the time that “the diversity initiatives at the School of Medicine were fragmented and misaligned,” suggesting that “the single-minded pursuit of racial and ethnic minority applicants” posed both legal risks and moral problems.


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January 12, 2018

Jordan Peterson voted one of 2017’s Higher Ed Heroes

University of Toronto professor Jordan Peterson took fifth place in the voting for 2017’s “Higher Ed Heroes.” Peterson has been a vocal defender of free speech, making him a veritable bete noir of progressives, who routinely protest his speeches. In one case, a teaching assistant was even reprimanded for showing a video of one of Peterson’s speeches in class, which her professor compared to “neutrally playing a speech by Hitler.”

Campus Reform is proud to announce that Jordan Peterson, a psychology professor at the University of Toronto, was selected by readers as one of the top five Higher Ed Heroes of 2017.

Peterson has been a ferocious defender of free speech in higher education and has become a prime target of liberal activists all around the country.

In fact, Peterson’s views were deemed so controversial that some academics went as far as to punish professors who discussed or featured his views in a classroom setting. As previously reported by Campus Reform, this is precisely what happened to one Canadian teaching assistant who was reprimanded by her professor for showing a video in class featuring Peterson.

Lindsay Shepherd, who is currently a graduate student at the Waterloo, Ontario school, reportedly played a video of a debate between Peterson and University of Toronto Sexual Diversity Studies program lecturer Nicholas Matte.


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January 11, 2018

Nebraska Sen. proposes bill to protect student journalists

A Nebraska state senator has introduced legislation designed to protect student journalists and their faculty advisors against retaliation from administrators. The legislation was made necessary by a 1988 Supreme Court ruling that deemed student publications to be “limited public forums” subject to censorship by the schools that sponsor them.

A Nebraska state senator has introduced legislation designed to protect student journalists and their faculty advisors against retaliation from administrators.

The “Student Journalism Protection Act,” introduced Monday by Democratic State Senator Adam Morfeld, would clarify that student media publications, including those related to class assignments, are entitled to the same First Amendment protections afforded to professional journalists, according to The Daily Nebraskan.

Specifically, the bill would protect student journalists from being disciplined by their school as result of their journalistic work, and would also prevent administrators from firing or otherwise retaliating against the faculty advisors of student publications for approving an article or editorial.


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January 9, 2018

Celebrating Marx at Carnegie Mellon University

At a great capitalist founded institution, Communism is being celebrated Red Square style.

Vladimir Lenin was said to have boasted that capitalists would give his communists the rope to hang them. The self-anointed keeper of the Marxist flame, co-namesake of history’s deadliest ideology — Marxism-Leninism — would have chortled at what’s happening at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. In 2018, this prestigious university, named for two of history’s wealthiest capitalists, freshly infused with a huge quarter-billion-dollar-plus estate gift from industrialist William S. Dietrich II, and where students are hit for $70,000 per year, will be celebrating the birth of Karl Marx.

The year 2018 is Marx’s bicentennial, and his proponents at Carnegie Mellon are not forgetting. Quite the contrary, they are celebrating. And if you think “celebrating” might be too strong of a word, well, go online and watch the inaugural “Marx at 200” lecture (assuming it isn’t scrubbed from the website after this article appears), with opening remarks by the dean of the Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences, Richard Scheines, followed by presentations from faculty members Kathy Newman and David Shumway. A warning: if you’re a Carnegie Mellon student, alumnus, faculty member, board member, or donor who has friends and family that escaped the Iron Curtain, Fidel’s Cuba, Red China, Ceausescu’s Romania, Vietnam, Cambodia, or any other Marxist despotism, you will not be pleased.


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DOJ: Prof harassed white student over cultural appropriation

The California Department of Justice recently confirmed a white San Diego State University student’s complaints that she had been harassed by a professor for alleged “cultural appropriation.” Crystal Sudano said American Indian Studies lecturer Oscar Monge had called her “racist” for wearing a shirt depicting the school logo with a spear through it, and later threatened to lower her grade when she began digging into his Master’s thesis.

The California Department of Justice recently found that a San Diego State University lecturer harassed a white student and then retaliated against her for challenging his Master’s thesis.

Former student and recent SDSU graduate Crystal Sudano brought four discrimination complaints against American Indian Studies Lecturer Oscar “Ozzie” Monge, who has been at the forefront of efforts to retire the school’s “Aztec” mascot for the past several years.


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