Serbia: A Lesson for the Modern World by David Yeagley

Mass migration of foreigners, enemies of the culture they invade; international government cooperation with the invaders, business cooperation, criminal pay-offs; and utter misrepresentation of liberal media; these things create cosmic crime. These are the lessons of Serbia to the world. Beware.

Serbians of their northern Kosovo resisted Albanian Muslim government elections in the internationally usurped province.

To this day, because of liberal, biased media, most people in the world still do not know what has happened to Serbia. The fraud, the corruption, and the international robbery of a nation go unrecognized, unjustified, and unpunished. Is this to be the fate of every country facing the same issues? has written numerous articles on Serbia, pointing out the ironies and agonies, and the stark shame due the United States government under President Bill Clinton and his NATO commander, Gen. Wesley Clark, as well as President Bush following, and the Obama administration to date.

It was all about crime, heroin, and Albanian Muslims. That’s how Kosovo became an “independent” nation, a heroin haven for world corruption, with such renowned leaders as former Finnish President Martti Ahtisaari. The media never once pointed out these underlying evils. “Ethnic Albanians” who had migrated en mass into Serbia’s Kosovo province were presented as victims! Whoever helped them was heroic, just, and to be greatly honored, regardless of reality.

Serbia was branded barbarian, when the Serbians were simply white Christian nationalist patriots, trying to protect and preserve their own. The liberal West wouldn’t have it.


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