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Liberal Indians do more harm to Indians than they claim Christopher Columbus did. They are in perpetual mourning, for pay.

WELCOME to I created this Web site for American Indian patriots, and for all other people who support our cause — people who share our love for the United States of America.

My name is David A. Yeagley. As an enrolled member of the Comanche Nation, Lawton, Oklahoma, the fate of my tribe rests heavily on my heart.

I look for guidance to my great-great-grandfather, Comanche leader Bad Eagle. Like him, I believe that Comanches — and all other American Indians, for that matter — can live in peace with the white man. We can prosper in America as good citizens of these United States. We just need to stop lamenting the past and start creating our own future.

I share Bad Eagle’s vision, and dedicate this Web site to his cause.

To learn more about my Bad Eagle Foundation, go here. To learn more about my vision for the return of American Indian greatness, read my essay, “The Red Man’s Burden“.

– Dr. David A. Yeagley – Dr. David Yeagley

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