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December 17, 2017

MARXISM 101 – Stefan Molyneux (Video)

Question: “I am an engineering student and am required to take a class about social advocacy and ethics. My instructor has been pushing a lot of anti-capitalism sentiments and pro-Marxist arguments and I was wondering if you could help me understand these arguments as they don’t make a lot of sense to me; since I study engineering I don’t have much of a background in philosophy or economics. 1) The idea that capitalism operates under exploitation, such as how a wage earner must produce more than they are paid and the employer gets to keep the excess, thus the laborer is exploited. There’s a sort of subservience, my instructor argues, that is inherent in wages which is part of this exploitative system. 2) There’s this idea of a Repressive State Apparatus (RSA), that the state uses various institutions to reinforce the ideas of exploitation on its populace. This is accompanied by the idea that the population has to be compliant and subservient to the capitalist system that exploits them.”

December 4, 2017

‘Victims of Socialism’ event triggers Bernie-loving students

The Young Americans for Freedom chapter at the University at Buffalo drew sharp criticism for an upcoming event on “the victims of socialism,” prompting some students to vandalize their property. After YAF posted about the vandalism on Twitter, one student accused the conservative group of tearing down its own flyers to attract attention, but another student subsequently confessed to the deed.

Members of the University at Buffalo’s Young Americans for Freedom chapter were recently blamed for vandalizing their own flyers, only for a liberal student to confess responsibility.

“Just 2 weeks until our speaker event! Some of our flyers were missing today, so we graciously replaced them for your convenience!,” YAF tweeted on November 20, accompanied by a picture showing numerous gaps where posters were removed.

The posters in question were advertisements for the clubs upcoming event called “The Victims of Socialism,” with the posters featuring a grimacing Sen. Bernie Sanders, reading “Feel the Burn: How Socialism Harmed Millions.”


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November 18, 2017

Hey Millennials: Communism Sucks, I Lived It

Imagine a system where the key to success wasn’t hard work or merit, but conniving and politics. If you sold your soul to the devil, you were rewarded.

A recent poll found that fifty percent of millennials say they would rather live in a communist or socialist country than in a capitalist democracy. These numbers can’t be laughed off — they should frighten you. Maybe they don’t know what communism means.

I do. I lived in Communist Poland.

Perhaps those fifty percent of millennials were not properly taught about communism in school. That’s too bad, and dangerous. So here are some examples for those misguided millennials to ponder, all of which I experienced in communist Poland.

Unreliable electricity

Do you millennials enjoy having electricity on demand to charge your devices? Then you would hate Action “O.” Action “O” stood for “Oszczednosc,” which translates to “Savings.” Poland’s communist government would notoriously turn off electricity to various areas of the city to “save” energy.

They had an interesting system which they described as “customer oriented”: they would turn the electricity off for one minute and turn it back on for five minutes as a warning that a shutoff was coming. You had exactly five minutes to find your matches and candles, because after that electricity would shut off for several hours.


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November 2, 2017

As the left surges back, Marxism’s bloody legacy is covered up

Monuments to the victims of fascism exist everywhere, but communism’s victims are hardly remembered at all.

As we approach the 100th anniversary of the Russian Revolution, it is fitting to ask whether we have learned what it tells us about its ideological root. Do we now appreciate that the Marxist ideology destroys legal order, political opposition and human rights? Do we have some idea of the death toll that has in every case followed the triumph of the ‘vanguard party’? Do we have an inkling of the human cost of collectivisation, or of what the gulag meant in terms of the humiliation and destruction of its victims?

Of course the answer in each case is no. Our school curriculum dwells incessantly on the Holocaust. Several states have made denial of it into a crime, and museums and monuments to the victims of Nazism and fascism exist all across the continent. But communism’s millions of victims are remembered hardly at all. One standard history of modern times, widely used in our schools, praises the Russian Revolution as aiming at ‘the complete destruction of the Russian and European bourgeoisie’, necessary for ‘the victory of socialism’. This history (Eric Hobsbawm’s Age of Extremes) does not mention the abolition of the law courts, or the establishment of the Cheka (the secret police), or the vicious expropriations that destroyed the Russian economy, or the mass starvation inflicted on the Ukrainian peasants. It is inadmissible for a historian to write in any but disgusted terms of the Nazi destruction of the Jews; but the equally cruel ‘destruction of the bourgeoisie’ can be described in terms of unqualified approval.


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David Horowitz: What is Wrong with UTOPIANISM? (Video)

David Joel Horowitz (born January 10, 1939) is an American conservative writer. He is a founder and current president of the think tank the David Horowitz Freedom Center; editor of the Center’s publication, FrontPage Magazine; and director of Discover the Networks, a website that tracks individuals and groups on the political left. Horowitz also founded the organization Students for Academic Freedom.

October 30, 2017

Socialist Group Endorses Death Camp for Conservative Student

They may not understand the Constitution, but they know what a gulag is. And they’re ready to bring them back.

A Kent State University socialist group has suggested the vice president of the school’s Turning Point USA chapter, a conservative nonprofit, should be locked up and tortured for her views on free speech.

The socialist group made the suggestion after Leandra Westbrook defended Turning Point USA from a petition designed to eradicate freedom of speech.

“Silencing speech is fascism,” she said in a tweet. “The petition is useless. We aren’t going anywhere.”

The Kent State Socialist Collective (KSSC) responded to Westbrook by tweeting a map of the Soviet Gulag system while telling her “there’s one place you might be going…”

The Facebook Page of the student organization claims the group “exists to facilitate a sense of understanding and community between those who are interested in socialism and those who are socialists.”


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September 22, 2017

Curt Schilling: ESPN & Disney Are Pushing an ‘Intolerant’ Liberal Agenda (Video)

“The lack of respect for our flag, for our patriots, for our country is mind-boggling to me. But then you look at the liberal education system and the narrative it’s pushing and you understand why.”

On “Fox & Friends” this morning, former Major League Baseball pitcher Curt Schilling weighed in on the controversy surrounding “SportsCenter” host Jemele Hill.

Hill tweeted last week that President Donald Trump is a “white supremacist” who is “unfit and unqualified” to be commander-in-chief.

ESPN said Hill’s comments do not represent the position of the network, but they took no action against her for her comments, which has led to criticism.


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September 19, 2017

Pro-Antifa students give the finger to victims of communism

The president of the Clemson University chapter of the far-left Students for a Democratic Society group recently posed for a social media photo waving an Antifa flag in front of the Victims of Communism Memorial. Other posts show multiple middle fingers being raised toward the monument, presenting a revealing look at the sentiments that SDS members continue to hold.

Antifa-supporting students from Clemson University recently expressed their political sentiments by openly mocking the Victims of Communism Memorial on social media.

“Victims of Communism Memorial (2017),” and “#NewProfilePic,” Clemson Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) President Dawn Lifsey captioned a photo, via Facebook and Twitter respectively, waving an Antifa flag in front of the memorial.

Responding to the photo on both platforms, Lifsey wrote, “This is the victims of communism memorial btw lmao,” explaining that the Antifa flag was borrowed, “from folks who were at the Juggalo March for this hilarious purpose.”

Additionally, Lifsey posted a photo of several unknown individuals giving the middle finger to the memorial, which is dedicated to “the more than 100 million victims of communism around the world and to the freedom of those still living under totalitarian regimes.”


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September 16, 2017

DACA supporters linked to communists, jihadists

Blockbuster documentary exposes radicals working to undermine America from within.

President Trump has announced he is repealing Barack Obama’s unilateral and unconstitutional amnesty for tens of thousands of illegal immigrants. And several leading Democrats are furious.

Rep. Luis Gutierrez, D-Ill., has declared current White House chief of staff and former Marine Corps Gen. John Kelly “a disgrace to the uniform he used to wear.”

Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minn., accused Trump of being willing to “coddle the neo-Nazis and the KKK” and bemoaned a “cruel decision.”

And protests have exploded nationwide, including at the Trump Hotel in Washington, D.C., where protesters chanted slogans in Spanish.

Why are Democrats so angry about attempts to enforce immigration law? And why are those who want open borders unwilling to require immigrants to speak English, even as they claim everyone in the world should have the privilege of becoming an American citizen?

A blockbuster new documentary reveals the disturbing answers to these questions.


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September 15, 2017

Communism’s Barbaric Cruelty By the Numbers

Communism’s death toll overshadows other contemporary human cruelty.

Writing in the Richmond Times-Dispatch, A. Barton Hinkle remembers “A century of ghastly communist sadism,” which started when a relatively small number of Bolshevik anarchists led by Vladimir Lenin managed to overthrow the Russian government of Alexander Kerensky in November 1917. As Hinkle writes, “while the Soviet Union is no more and communism has been discredited in most eyes for many years, it is hard even now to grasp the sheer scale of agony imposed by the brutal ideology of collectivism.”

The Black Book of Communism, which came out in 1997, estimated that some 95 million people were either killed or made to starve to death in the communist attempt to create an egalitarian paradise on earth. Current research puts the number of victims of communism anywhere between 43 million and 162 million. As such, the original 100 million figure remains a remarkably accurate midway point. It is, also, a figure so large that people may have difficulty comprehending it without additional context. Leaving the (rightly) well-known example of the Holocaust aside, let us look at some other bywords for human cruelty.

For example, the Russian Empire was always seen as backward and tyrannical. As Orlando Figes noted in A People’s Tragedy: The Russian Revolution: 1891-1924, “from the perspective of the individual, it could be said that the single greatest difference between Russia and the West… was that in Western Europe citizens were generally free to do as they pleased so long as their activities had not been specifically prohibited by the state, while the people of Russia were not free to do anything unless the state had given them specific permission to do it. No subject of the Tsar, regardless of his rank or class, could sleep securely in his bed in the knowledge that his house would not be subject to a search, or he himself to arrest.”


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