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July 11, 2022

VU announces closure of Confucius Institute after investigation

Valparaiso University announced Monday that the school will be closing its Confucius Institute. The announcement comes less than three weeks after Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita announced his office was launching an investigation into the VU Confucius Institute’s connection with the CCP.

Valparaiso University notified students, alumni, and staff Monday that the school will be closing their Confucius Institute. 

The announcement comes less than three weeks after Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita announced his office was launching an investigation into the VU Confucius Institute’s connection with the Chinese Communist Party.

VU President José Padilla told students that he had given the decision “considerable thought” and offered his rationale for closing the institute.

“For some time now, I have given considerable thought on whether we should continue to operate CIVU. A number of factors helped me reach the conclusion to close,” Padilla stated.  “First, some members of Congress reached out to the University in 2020 and earlier in 2021, questioning the presence of CIVU.” 


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July 9, 2022

NY Charges ‘Law Enforcement’ Officers for Working with China to Destroy Dissident Art

A federal grand jury indicted five men in Brooklyn this week for allegedly participating in a “transnational repression scheme” orchestrated by the People’s Republic of China (PRC) to silence critics of the communist country in the United States.

According to the Justice Department, one of the defendants currently serves as a federal law enforcement officer while another is a retired federal law enforcement officer.

“Among other items, these defendants allegedly plotted to destroy the artwork of a PRC national residing in Los Angeles, who was critical of the PRC government and planted surveillance equipment in the artist’s workplace and car to spy on him from the PRC,” said the DOJ press release.

Fan “Frank” Liu and Matthew Ziburis of the PRC were arrested in March while another collaborator, Qiang “Jason” Sun, remains at large.


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July 7, 2022

The Truth About Communism (Video)

Jordan B. Peterson

July 6, 2022

WV Takes on “Woke” Megabanks, ESG & War on Energy: WV Treasurer (Video)

 The war being waged on U.S. energy by the woke banks is also a national security risk as it jeopardizes American energy security and economic competitiveness. To start with, everyone should contact their asset managers and ask that their wealth be removed from funds and institutions pursuing this nefarious agenda.

West Virginia and a coalition of more than a dozen other key states are not going to tolerate the “woke” megabanks pushing “environmental, social, governance” metrics and waging war on America’s energy industry, West Virginia State Treasurer Riley Moore tells The New American magazine’s Alex Newman in this episode of Conversations That Matter. Already, Moore has put some of America’s largest banks on notice that they may be put on the “restricted” list, prohibiting them from doing business with the state. Blasting “coercive capitalism” and “economic extortion” that will “destroy this country,” Moore said states need to fight back—and will fight back. If Americans do not resist, ESG will likely become part of credit ratings and eventually even individual social credit scores, Moore warned.

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July 2, 2022

Obi-Wan Kenobi Review – Disney’s War on Boys (Video)

Mr. Reagan

June 29, 2022

‘Concerned Graduates of West Point’ Pen Letter Calling out ‘Woke Sentiments’ of the Famed Academy

Nothing here is going to surprise you. But it needs to be written. Why? It’s not only important to continue to expose the left’s insidious efforts to destroy the U.S. military as we know it; it’s also important to understand how deeply those efforts run. And when “concerned graduates of West Point” speak out, I listen.

Several retired U.S. military officers penned a letter, titled Declaration of Betrayal of West Point And the Long Gray Line, signed by “Concerned Graduates of West Point and The Long Gray Line,” as reported by Just the News, which objects to mandatory COVID vaccinations, so-called [Marxist-derived] “critical race theory” indoctrination, “progressivism,”  and other “woke” sentiments of the famed military academy.

Incidentally, “Concerned Members of the Long Gray Line” is a coalition of over 1,000 West Point alumni from six decades of graduating classes, who collectively served across 10 presidential administrations. The above referenced letter reads, in part:

The Long Gray Line is the assembly of graduates of the United States Military Academy. It serves as a fount of American battle-tested experience, the institutional memory of the Military Academy, and the watchdog of the United States Corps of Cadets.

As such, it is the sacred duty of the Long Gray Line to challenge dysfunctional conduct or rogue behavior, such as that which has come to dominate West Point.


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June 26, 2022

Oregon elementary school teachers claim eye-rolling is White supremacy

‘As BIPOC educators we have observed, experienced, and witnessed similar micro and macro aggressions.’

Teachers at Errol Hassell Elementary School in Oregon have complained to school district administrators over the use of eye-rolling, claiming that the action directed at a principal was a “harmful practice rooted in White supremacy.” 

The email, which was sent on May 27, suggests that the teachers became aware of a “rumor” that school Principal Cynthia Lam Moffett was about to lose her job. 

“We believe that much of the resistance to Principal Moffett’s work… is a result of bias and targeted aggression,” said the teachers. “As BIPOC educators we have observed, experienced, and witnessed similar micro and macro aggressions.” 

In the email that was reported on by Fox News, teachers outlined a massive list of “micro and macro aggressions,” with concerns about how school staff responded to the principal. 


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June 23, 2022

Douglas Murray: Racism, Marxism, and the War on the West | Lex Fridman Podcast #296 (Video)

Douglas Murray is an author and political commentator.

June 19, 2022

Understanding the Roots of Cultural Marxism and Wokeness | Andrei Znamenski (Video)

Andrei Znamenski is a Professor in the Department of History. He was previously a resident scholar at the Library of Congress, a foreign visiting professor at Hokkaido University, Japan, and an associate professor at the Alabama State University. His research interests concern the history of religions and ideologies in modern time, particularly in Eurasia and the modern West.

June 12, 2022

Schools Don’t Teach Evils of Communism, So We Must. Many Ignorant Young Are Worryingly Pro-Communist (Video)

On this week’s #SWYSI, journalist and author James Bartholomew discusses his campaign to establish a British Museum of Communist Terror. A similar museum has just opened in Washington D.C. and there are other museums of communism in Europe, yet Britain does not yet have an institution to educate the population about the horrors of life under communist rule in Europe and Asia.