Spare the war memorials, yobs! by Chuck Norris

If stealing the helmet of a fallen warrior on a war memorial is the heinous act of a reprobate, what’s the difference in defacing and desecrating other war memorials by the removal of sacred symbols that have been a part of them for decades?

While gridlock is the game in Washington, pilfering and degradation apparently are pastimes of some unpatriotic thugs at war memorials across the country. For me, that is about as low as a nation and its people can go.

Last week in Natick, Mass., veterans and other law-abiding citizens were stunned to discover a soldier’s helmet – from one who died in battle – had gone missing from the community’s prized Fallen Soldier’s Memorial. The helmet was cemented atop a rifle that is part of a display that also included a piece of the Twin Towers and two military boots beside a wall of names of service men and women who died during the battles of World War I, World War II, Korea and Vietnam.

CBS Boston reported that this was not the first time the post has been vandalized: The present “We Support Our Troops” sign was chained in after the first one was stolen from the site last year.

Tragically, there has lately been a rash of war memorial vandalisms and defilements across the U.S.

A Vietnam Memorial in Coos Bay, Ore., made up of a concrete cross on a base with an inscription dedicating it “to the men who gave their lives” was bombed in August after an atheist group protested to its Christian symbolism.


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