Interview with Ted Nugent; the guitar legend and maniacal showman talks ‘Ballisticrock’ and more

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I’m more of a ten year old in the garage with his first loud amp than any ten year old in the garage with his first loud amp. For years Ted Nugent has held a place as one of rock’s greatest guitarists. With a career that spans over 50 years, millions in album sales, and innumerable performances all over the world, Young Ted is still a maniacal showman, though he hasn’t donned the loincloth getup for some time.

Original singer Derek St. Holmes, the voice featured in some of Nugent’s most popular songs, is now a solid fixture in the Ted Nugent band. Complete with bruising rhythm section bassist Greg Smith and drummer “Wild” Mick Brown, Nugent is jamming with some of the best musicians in the business. On October 22nd, the aptly-titled two CD+DVD package, Ultralive Ballisticrock, will be released. It captures a 2011 performance of the Ted Nugent band at Penn’s Peak in Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania. PureGrainAudio checked in with Nugent. Here’s what he had to say.

Hi Ted. How are you?
Nugent: I’m doing grand. Yourself?

I’m doing great, thanks.
Nugent: Good. Maybe I can help you out there. My effervescence runneth over. I’m sure it will transfer over to you.

I love your effervescence. We go back all the way back to 1977 in Phoenix. Nazareth opened the show for you. Catch Scratch Fever tour. You were dynamic, man.
Nugent: Yeah, story of my life. Wait till you see me tonight. God help us all.


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