Immigration reform: The GOP gangs up on blue-collar workers

Bush didn’t get his wish, but the Gangsters are still pushing for it, none more than Lindsey Graham. The South Carolina Republican has cited “labor shortages” (see video below) in his state as a reason for passing the bill despite the fact that 340,000 South Carolinians are unemployed.

Lindsey Graham

One consequence of the Boston Marathon bombings could be the demise of that immigration bill now before the U.S. Senate.

If so, that would be a good thing. We will get a welcome respite from hearing Republicans mouth the mantra: “First, we have to secure the border.”

That may sound like tough talk. But translated from political-speak, here’s what it really means: “A lot of my backers in business and agriculture want cheap labor. And I intend to deliver it.”

That’s the real message coming from the Republican members of the so-called “Gang of Eight” who are pushing that bill. If you doubt that, consider the example of the Sept. 11 hijackers. They didn’t come over the border. They entered legally with visas. Four of them overstayed those visas, but the federal government had no system for detecting that. The United States is one of the few countries on the planet that checks passports coming in but not going out. About 5 million of the approximately 11 million people in the country illegally are visa overstayers.

Don’t worry, say the Gangsters. The bill contains provisions for exit checks. That may sound good — until you consider that such a law has been on the books since 1996 but it’s never been enforced.


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