Glenn Milligan Interviews Ted Nugent

America is living under the vile thumb of the criminal corruption and abuse of power in our out of control government due to the self-inflicted curse of apathy, and demanding an artificial economy run by an artificial gang of thieves in office. I’m already doing everything in my power–writing, speaking, media, communicating nonstop with all resources possible–to wake people up from the doldrums of embarrassing brainwashed dependency.

GM: What are you looking forward to about the US Tour with REO Speedwagon and Styx?

TN: When your sacred music is throttled mercilessly by the mighty FunkBrothers–Mick Brown on drums, Greg Smith on bass & Derek St Holmes on vocals & MotorCity guitars–I look forward to immeasurable dangerous rhythm & blues grind and over the top Little Richard and James Brown inspired ultra rock-n-roll every songs every night, every concert. Same as always.

GM: Even after so many years, what still revs you up to do a rock ‘n’ roll show and be part of the music business in general?

TN: We rock like animals every night because we still crave the spirit, energy and attitude that Chuck Berry, Bo Diddly, Jerry Lee Lewis and all the insanely defiant founding fathers created when they unleashed the fury of this inspiring freedom soundtrack, in spite of the industry.

GM: It’s been quite a long time since the last studio album – what information can you tell us about a brand new original Nuge album?

TN: We have so much unbridled fun jamming new licks that new killer songs are never more than just a jam session away. I’ve got a gaggle of exciting, grinding new songs that we are very excited about, but it is always a struggle coordinating everyone’s hectic schedules to get into the studio together. We are working on it and hope like hell to record a new CD for 2014.


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