Mission District suffers surge in gang violence

The uptick in gang-related violence isn’t limited to the Mission District. Police are linking Wednesday’s double shooting in the Tenderloin district to Hispanic gangs from Union City.

A rise in gang violence in the Mission District with no clear cause has prompted a San Francisco supervisor to call it a crisis.

A prayer service for peace was held Thursday morning for 19-year-old Cesar Bermudez, who was shot to death last Thursday on the 2800 block of Harrison Street — the second of three unrelated fatal shootings in the Mission District last month.

“All these shootings have been gang-related,” said David Campos, a Mission District supervisor. “None of them are random acts of violence.”

Campos and San Francisco Police Chief Greg Suhr said the killings include a shooting between rival gangs, a rivalry within a single gang and an innocent robbery victim shot at an intersection by two suspects whom police said are known gang members.

“Sadly, during the robbery, the suspects shot the robbery victim and he died of his injuries,” Suhr said.


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