I got it so bad I got it good by Ted Nugent

In a typical day, I get the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth about guns, hunting, conservation, private property rights, the self-evident truth about the US Constitution and Bill of Rights to anywhere from a few million people to a few hundred million people.

If it were not for this crazy out of control corrupt government, my life would literally be perfect. Even my agonizingly painful battered knees are livable, but the enemies of America infesting our government have got to go.

I fight with all my might and resources on a daily, if not hourly basis to spotlight the cockroaches everywhere I go, and it is getting scarier and more dangerous all the time to speak out in America like I do. But I give you my word, I will never back down and I will never giveup.

In fact, as the greatest most enjoyable rock-n-roll tour of my life throttles intensely all across America on through the end of the summer 2012, I am doing more media interviews all the time and finally feel that America is slowly but surely waking up to the level of criminal abuse of power and corruption in the Obama administration and so prevalent across this otherwise great country.

I can honestly and happily tell you that Texas is indeed the last best place. We are not perfect yet, but we are incredibly ahead of the pack when it comes to quality of life and proper Constitutional representation by the great Governor Rick Perry, Attorney General Gregg Abbot and great statesmen like Ron Paul, Bill Flores, Louie Gohmert and many others.

But never forget, we also have America hating Obama clones like Sheila Jackson Lee who represent all that is wrong with America and Texas.


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