“Mad Jack” Churchill Who Attacked the Germans with a Broadsword and a Longbow!

Aside from his sword and his bow, Mad Jack was also a fan of the bagpipes, using them to excite his troops. The winner of a Military Cross and two Distinguished Service Orders, he set his record as the last soldier to record a kill with his bow while defending a small village in France. While the battle was ultimately won with heavy weaponry, his bow kill was the first kill of the battle.

Lieutenant Colonel “Mad Jack” Churchill was a British war hero known for his use of a sword in battle, with which he claimed the defeat of at least 42 Germans in WWII. Aside from his trusty Claybeg sword, he was also proficient with a bow and arrow, having been the last British soldier in history to record a kill with such a weapon. Now, the Norwegian Royal Explorers Club has compiled a book which features writings on Mad Jack, whom they consider to be among the greatest of adventurers throughout all of history.

Mad Jack firmly believed that every soldier should have a sword. This is the sort of belief that the Explorers Club felt made him a prime candidate for their compilation. Not only did he embody a dashing spirit of adventure, but he used this to a true advantage, having saved literally hundreds of lives through his efforts in Jerusalem. Founder of the club, Espen Lazarus, considers the Lieutenant Colonel to be a true inspiration due to his undying passion and his abilities as a leader, who used his skill to train others in combat.


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