Allen West “On the Record” with Greta: Rule of the ‘little fascist students’ (Video)

The list of speakers disinvited or deciding not to speak at college graduations because of protests is growing. Watch the conversation with former congressman Allen West.

WEST: I think what you have is the adults of these college administrations are really not in charge of these colleges anymore. And when you see small little groups of — let’s call it what it is — these little Fascist students, who are not willing to have the intellectual discourse, who are not willing to listen to any other opinions, perspectives or insights other than what they believe is important or what they believe is the right answers to issues and solutions, then we don’t have colleges and universities that are training our young people to be critical thinkers and go out and make proper assessment and analysis of situation by listening to both sides.

Recently, I was up at DePaul University in Chicago to talk about the Middle East and Israeli situation. And there were about 30 students, and I knew they were the pro-Palestinian side, that were sitting there, and I thought that maybe perhaps we would finally have that important discussion. About 15 minutes into it, they obviously had set their watches and they all stood up and walked out. I really thought that was more so cowardly because they did not want to have the exchange.

Video linked here at original source.

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