Cows, Guns and Money – Intellectual Froglegs (Video)

“Anyway, one of the most important aspects of this tense stand off is that the true intent of the 2nd Amendment could not have been more beautifully demonstrated…and not a shot was fired.”

Our Federal Government has gone absolute power crazy. Rather than opting for ‘the standard peaceful solution’ of filing a lien or judgement—armed agents and K-9 units with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) actually drew weapons on unarmed American citizens at the Bundy Ranch over alleged ‘unpaid cattle grazing’ fees. They tazed and sic’d dogs on unarmed citizens….even pushing women down.

This prompted militia from all across the country to rush to Nevada to support Mr. Cliven Bundy, whose family had been ranching this land since the 1870s. The tense showdown between Federal Agents and Citizens, ended peacefully, thank God.

There will likely be more confrontations and we pray to God there is no violence. If there is ANY chance at peaceful solution, I hope we’ll go the extra-mile to achieve it. But then I must also pray for determined resolve, because it is our duty to protect our children’s freedoms and their future…both of which are being stolen.


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