Lorain Police Chief changes policy, puts on immigration concert (Video)

Film maker and singer-songwriter Andres Useche flew 13 hours from Columbia to arrive at the concert and raise awareness and money.

Lorain Police Chief Cel Rivera held a concert to benefit undocumented immigrants in his community Friday night at Lorain High School.

The concert comes after Rivera changed police policy on enforcing federal immigration law.

Rivera decided to stop detaining or arresting anyone based on their immigration status after hearing stories like Anabel Barron’s.

Barron came to the United States when she was 16 years old. She got married and had her children in the United States, but faced deportation after going home to Mexico for her mother’s funeral.

In 2013, police pulled Barron over during a routine traffic stop and discovered that she was undocumented. That’s when she was detained and nearly was deported.

However, the organization HOLA was able to remove her after only 5 hours.


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