Immigrants don’t want to be ‘like white brats in the mall’ (Video)

Chicano studies prof spouts off in new ‘America’ movie.

Filmmaker Dinseh D’Souza, whose “2016: Obama’s America” grabbed the nation’s attention during the 2012 presidential campaign, is giving members of the left a voice in his upcoming film, “America: The Movie.”

Charles Truxillo, a Chicano studies teacher at the University of New Mexico, pondered the idea of a “North America confederating with Mexico in a country that will be predominantly Latino and Hispanic” in a video clip from an interview D’Souza did for the film.

Truxillo admitted he is in America, but he insisted he is not of America, explaining: “I don’t necessarily want to be part of their culture.

“I like the things the Americans have. Who doesn’t? … I don’t want to end up in the world of Roseanne Barr,” he said.

He sees no reason Mexican citizens should aspire to be part of America.

“They want a job. It’s that simple,” he said, citing a longstanding desire on the part of “poor nations” to move into “rich nations.”

“The poor nations want to basically overrun the borders and occupy the source of wealth,” he said.


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