GOP: AWOL on ranch showdown

Mychal Massie hits Republicans for not defending Bundy family.

If you want to know just what both political parties think of We the People, take a look at the Bundy Ranch situation. If you want to know what kind of leadership we have in our country today, take a look at the Bundy Ranch situation.

Liberal Democrats such as Harry Reid called the Bundy family and those of us who support them “domestic terrorists” – but as usual, Reid and his ilk have suspiciously selective memories; and people in glass houses, as the saying goes, should not throw stones.

When Reid speaks of domestic terrorists and involvement with same he need look no further than those in his party. Let’s start with the pernicious one he calls the leader of his party. Does Reid want us to forget that Barack Obama’s good friend, confidant and ghost writer of his books “Dreams From My Father” and Obama’s memoirs is none other than Bill Ayers? That’s Bill Ayers the avowed communist and leader of the domestic terrorist group Students for a Democratic Society who went on to co-found the Weather Underground, a self-described communist revolutionary group that planned and carried out a campaign of bombings of police stations and government and public buildings through the 1960s into the 1970s.


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