Bundy Neighbor Already Kicked Off His Land Talks of BLM Abuse (Video)

There used to be 53 ranchers in the area of southern Nevada which is now the scene of the Bundy standoff. David Knight of Infowars.com interviews Richard Jensen, one of those who was previously in the ranching business but forced to cease his operations by the BLM.

He gives great insight into the methods of BLM, their possible motives and the health of the Desert Tortoise under government mismanagement.

He also interviews Piute County Utah Commissioner Darin Bushman who describes a similar pattern of abuse which is in a more initial stage of encroachment and abuse. They share similar concerns and recognize that they are being targeted in a similar fashion, and joining forces with the Bundys and their supporters to defeat the tyranny that is facing them.

Mr. Bushman is interviewed in the video below:


Complete text linked here.

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