How Comcast Bought Democrats with Billion$, NBC News Coverage

At National Review, Matthew Continetti lays out the numbers that look at how communications giant Comcast has spent the last few years purchasing the Democrat Party, especially Barack Obama. Now that Comcast is looking to merge with Time Warner and own one-third of all the bundled cable and satellite market in America, this note has come due and the deafening silence over the merger from Democrats indicates that FCC approval is just a matter of formality.

Some of the bullet points:

Comcast CEO and president Brian Roberts is Obama’s golf buddy. He’s donated thousands to Obama, the Democrat Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) and numerous high-profile Democrats, including Steny Hoyer. Roberts is also an Obama fundraiser to the tune of $2 million and has visited the White House 14 times since 2010.

The Comcast Foundation has funneled more than $3 billion — with a “b” — to Hispanic, black and Asian groups that make up the Democrat’s primary voting bloc.

Continetti also points out that the primary contribution Comcast has made to Democrats has been through its ownership of NBC and NBC News. NBC’s entertainment programming obviously skews left, and has always been ready to promote things like the Left’s green campaigns.


Complete text linked here.

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