Top 5 Crackdowns on Conservatives’ Internet Free Speech

On Thursday, CEO Brendan Eich of Mozilla was forced out of his job thanks to his $1,000 donation to the Proposition 8 pro-traditional marriage effort in California in 2008. At that point, he held the exact same position as Barack Obama on traditional marriage. Now, that position has soured in the nostrils of the militant left, which seeks to ruin the lives of those with whom it disagrees.

Mozilla’s cave-in to the militants over at OKCupid, a dating site that labeled Eich one of its “enemies” thanks to his position, represents just the latest assault on conservatives in the online space. It’s not illegal for Mozilla to dump Eich nor for OKCupid to call for that ouster – nor should it be – but it is certainly wrong, and in violation of basic principles of free speech that the internet is supposed to guarantee. It is purely Orwellian that Mozilla’s response to Eich’s resignation suggested that ensuring “equality and free speech” led to that resignation.

Unfortunately, such crackdowns on free speech principles have become all too common among members of the leftist online community. Here are the top five examples:

Google Adsense Shuts Down WorldNetDaily. On February 6, Google Adsense notified WorldNetDaily’s Joseph Farah that it would be cancelling WND’s account thanks to a “policy violation email this morning regarding negative/hate speech particularly with the repeated references to ‘black mobs,’ although I don’t know that this is specifically what it’s limited to.” Farah told Breitbart News that Google explained, “The reviewers cited a number articles [sic] with usage of this term specifically and in general asks that no ad code is placed on articles containing hate/anti or sensitive content as this is against Adsense policies and does not provide a good experience for users and advertisers.”


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