Japanese Students #1 Shock! by Dennis Michael Lynch

The Japanese students claim that Japan often speaks about how the Americans do not defend their borders and allow anyone and everyone to attend school and take advantage of the free social programs.

For the past two weeks, a group of Japanese exchange students graced the halls of our local high school. Most of the students stayed with many of my daughter’s closest friends and thus, she spent lots of time with the kids from Japan. Last night was the final evening they’d all be together. I asked my daughter, “What was the biggest difference between the Japanese students and American students?” Her answer is sad.

She said, “They are so much smarter and better mannered than American kids.” Each of them is fluent in numerous languages and their math and science skills are off the charts. Never once did any of the students act rude, talk crude or express an attitude. She continued, “They are always polite, always smiling, always respectful and they ALWAYS pay attention in class.”

I asked if the Japanese students had anything to say about the American schools. Apparently, they were shocked by how many kids in our local high school do not speak English. I asked, “Did anyone explain to them the issue of illegal immigration?” She responded, “We started to explain but they said they already knew about it but didn’t realize the size of the issue.”


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