College Bans Recording Professors After Racist Organizing Director For SEIU Lecture Is Leaked

The lecture in the video was given by Eyon Biddle Sr., the current political and organizing director for SEIU Local 150, and blamed the 2010 Republican landslide election on “white rage.”

Professor says “white rage” is the reason Governor Scott Walker was elected. He tells them that white people who didn’t even agree with Scott Walker were voting for him because he was white.

He also attempts to tell students their voting rights were attacked. He tells them they didn’t want college age voters to vote, so they told them their college ID’s are not a valid form of identification because they typically vote for Democrats.

It’s common knowledge there’s a liberal political bias on most college campuses. I’ve attended a number of public colleges and universities and – with a few exceptions – the professors are libs and will lecture with a liberal bent.

That’s a problem, especially since students look up to and respect their instructors.

So what should colleges do to avoid political bias in the classroom? Educate professors on the problems of partisanship in academics? Actively recruiting and hiring more conservative instructors? Perhaps simply letting college teachers know there is a problem and they should avoid it?

Of course not. The solution is to ban recording the liberal professor so it isn’t leaked to the public.


Complete text linked here.

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