California Opening New DMV Office — For Illegal Aliens ONLY

California officials expect to process 1.4 million driver’s license applications for illegals aliens over the next three years, at a cost of $140 million to $220 million to the taxpayers.

In addition to attempted arms trafficking with Muslim terrorists, another priority of arrested California Senator Leland Yee was passing all manner of legislation to help illegal aliens — perhaps because hundreds of thousands of Chinese illegals live in California, with untold numbers in his district.

Yee co-authored legislation which stopped local police from turning over illegal aliens to ICE, and granting driver’s licenses to illegal aliens. California also passed legislation to give in-state tuition and hand $5 million in financial aid to illegals — at the same time they are slashing aid to American citizen students.

You could be forgiven for believing that California lawmakers were treating illegal foreign invaders like first-class citizens.

Illegals are the new “VIPs” in the Golden Sanctuary State. And VIPs can’t be bothered with waiting on line with us chumps with papers when it’s time to get their spanking new licenses, now can they?

Well now they won’t have to, because the California DMV is opening a new, illegal aliens-only facility in Lompoc, in Santa Barbara County…

Lompoc is slated to house a DMV processing center for undocumented immigrant driving privilege applications later this year. The state will start issuing those cards in January 2015. A building on North H Street, which has been vacant for a very long time, will house the facility according to Mayor John Linn.

The DMV location will serve as a regional center, taking applications from a broad geographic area, including San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties. The specific building was chosen because if its substantial parking lot.


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