Time to Face the Truth About the GOP

Mitch McConnell, The Chamber of Commerce, The Better Business Bureau and most recently, Mitt Romney have all declared war on the Tea Party.

The time has come for everyone to pry their fingers off of their eyes and face the truth about the Republican Party.

The Republican Party in no way addresses the concerns of those who would prefer a conservative agenda. There is little to no representation whatsoever. In fact, the Republican Party is more interested in going along to get along and crushing their constituents than it is interested in following a conservative agenda. Most are progressive liberals in their opinions and goals. Regardless of their district’s wishes, most do as they please, often going the complete opposite of the letters, petition and calls they receive.

We are entering a phase of history repeating itself. We are experiencing taxation without representation.

Unlike our early days fighting the British, we have no excuse of having our leaders “across the Atlantic”–unless you count the bottomless chasm of the Beltway, and there doesn’t seem to be any way to bridge that egotistical “us vs. them” mentality.


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