University of Regina Cheerleaders Step on Political Correctness Landmine

As it turns out, the cheer leaders will need to undergo cultural sensitivity training at a minimum while the university ponders additional punishments. Regardless, political correctness is the order of the day and the young ladies learned a valuable lesson.

A screen shot of a photo previously posted on the @UofRCheer instagram account, which is tied to the University of Regina’s Cheerleading team.

The University of Regina cheer leading team has been compelled to apologize for a celebration they threw as they were close to rounding out their current season. The theme of the party was Cowboys and Indians and one of the groups portrayed has taken cultural offense. Hint: it wasn’t the cowboys. Despite the fact that neither demographic was accurately depicted (because it was just a party), the team came under fire after they posted pictures of themselves enjoying the event on Instagram.

The fear of running afoul of political correctness had the university speedily disavowing any prior knowledge of the event and condemning the choice of a theme. Vianne Timmons, president of the university, stated that the theme of the party was inappropriately chosen. She went to explain how both the party and costumes were not consistent with the university’s values. However, the limits of political correctness likely would never have a white person portray anyone other than a white person. Had the girls chosen authentic Indian garb, which would have been cost prohibitive, would the outcry have been any different? Wouldn’t it have been considered a sacrilege? What if they painted their faces to match the skin color of indigenous people? Would that have been considered more authentic?


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