Allen West asks: ‘Is Facebook censoring conservative content?’

“So let’s see here, Mark Zuckerberg now wants to make more money off a conservative Facebook page so he can make more money to donate to more liberal progressive causes and candidates,” West wrote. “So they can espouse their anti-free market ideology and expand the welfare nanny-state and cause my taxes to increase in order to pay for more ‘free stuff.’”

On Monday, former GOP Rep. Allen West asked on his blog if Facebook is censoring conservative content after observing what he called a “precipitous decline” in the number of views and shares his articles received in the first week of March from Facebook.

“The issue is that Facebook manipulates what stories show up in users’ news feeds,” he said. “So if no one sees our stories, they don’t get read.”

West noted that his Facebook page went from 197,000 to over 925,000 page “likes” last year, but wondered if someone at the social media giant is regulating the traffic to his page.

“[I]s Facebook censoring conservative content?” he asked.

But, he added, he’s not alone, as “many of our fellow members of the Liberty Alliance are having the same issue.”

West then observed that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is “cozy” with Barack Obama, a man he described as “the most anti-free market president we have ever seen, a true progressive socialist.”


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