The Black Book of the American Left: Volume 2 — The Progressives

Horowitz emphasizes that it is crucial for conservatives not to call leftists “liberals,” which implies allegiance to traditional American principles of freedom and, therefore, obfuscates who leftists really are and weakens those who want to defend democratic societies from the Left’s agenda.

In this second volume of David Horowitz’s collection of conservative writings, The Black Book of the American Left, the author sets his focus on the “progressive” worldview and its catastrophic earthly incarnations. These observations are particularly salient since a progressive now occupies the White House, and the views of this movement dominate the Democratic Party. Horowitz pays particular attention to the crucial, but largely ignored, continuity between today’s progressives and their communist antecedents. He stresses that progressives perpetually conceal their true agendas, which are rooted in a core Marxist vision. By successfully masking its ideological foundations and commitments in this manner, the Left has succeeded in preventing its opponents from accurately identifying its true, destructive objectives.

Horowitz reveals in this volume why the term “progressive” appeals to the radicals — who have mastered the tactic of hiding themselves, their movement, and its destructive, subversive aims, behind the term. Progressives think of themselves as forward-looking, while the rest of humanity lags regressively behind. They believe that their vision of what’s good for everyone else justifies their coercive means, and because they see themselves as social redeemers building a Utopia of “social justice,” they feel justified in willfully turning a blind eye toward the devastation that invariably accompanies the efforts to create the promised future.


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