Pat Caddell: “I describe the two parties as the Corrupt Party & the Stupid Party” (Video)

As people become increasingly untrusting and fed up with the ruling political elite, a sentiment Caddell likens to that before the Civil War, “the American people, whatever they claim to be, that live outside that beltway and outside that (inaud) are ready to claim their country because they have to.”

Politichicks brought you exclusive video coverage of Pat Caddell last year from CPAC, coverage Rush Limbaugh ‘scoured the earth’ to find. In that video Caddell fearlessly assaulted the consultant class and the failure of the establishment’s ‘conventional wisdom.’ A democratic pollster and Fox News contributor, Caddell is seemingly not beholden to anyone who would keep him from speaking out.

This year at CPAC 2014, I caught an elevator with Caddell just before he took the stage and he told me essentially to expect the unexpected in his speech again. Caddell opened with, “I was here last year; caused some problems because I attacked the republican consultant lobbying class as a racketeering operation that had not only blown the election, but eluded the system.” He continued, “Now their new strategy is to stand for nothing. It is to, what I call, the ‘surrender caucus.’” Caddell then reasoned, “But whether it was the NLRB, the decision not to contest spending, all of the issues, the debt limit, and essentially Barack Obama present budget where he pulled back everything. The notion has been, if we say nothing and do nothing, we will win in 2014. That’s a hell of a way to lose and it has repercussions.”


Complete text linked here.

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