Video: Greta Says “Bulldoze the IRS” Because It “Can’t Be Fixed”

IRS employees illegally target people they don’t politically agree with. While other IRS employees look the other way and simply don’t speak up when it is done, $4 billion – billion – fraudulent claims are paid in 2011, and that’s just 2011. Who knows what it was in 2010, 2009, or even in 2012, 2013? You know, it’s all awful.

When even a moderate like Greta Van Susteren says the IRS “can’t be fixed” and that it’s time to “bulldoze” the entire agency, then you know things have gotten bad.

The IRS is the most corrupt agency of a very corrupt federal government. They persecute people in the Tea Party, send billions worth of illegal refunds to people who aren’t even citizens, and rule Americans with an iron fist.

While Greta won’t endorse any particular tax scheme, we will: abolish the IRS… and the income tax. America did fine for well over a century before we had an income tax, and we can do it again.


Complete text linked here.

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