“Anti-Christian Hate Group” SPLC Becoming Increasingly Discredited

As the outfit’s extreme anti-Christian bigotry also become more widely known, the SPLC’s ramblings are quickly falling out of favor — even with the establishment press and the Obama administration. In recent years, rather than parroting SPLC propaganda, news organizations such as CNN and USA Today have started highlighting how absurd some of its ludicrous claims are.

With its latest hate-mongering tirades, the Southern Poverty Law Center, widely viewed as an extremist anti-Christian hate group, has descended to comedic new lows, earning ridicule and criticism even from the establishment media that in the past have often parroted its screeds as credible. Even the Obama administration is now stepping back from relying on the group’s discredited and hateful propaganda, which was cited by a deranged SPLC devotee after his 2012 terrorist attack on a pro-family group.

The controversial Alabama-based organization, which produces hate-mongering lists aimed at demonizing conservatives, libertarians, and Christians while enriching its bosses, claimed this year that the number of so-called “hate” and “patriot” organizations was on the decline. However, that does not mean that gullible SPLC donors can rest easy. In fact, the organization’s propagandists say, groups and individuals the SPLC disagrees with are simply “growing leaner and meaner.”

Of course, the SPLC’s ramblings are often contradictory. First the “radical right” was supposedly exploding because Obama was half-black, for example, but now it is on the decline in part because Obama, who is still half black, was reelected. “And while the number of groups has diminished, they are still at historically high levels, far higher even than the very high number that was seen at the peak of the militia movement in the 1990s,” the group claimed.


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