Washington state lawmaker calls Arizona ‘racist wasteland’

Fitzgibbon said people in Washington state “have not appreciated” how Arizona has treated immigrants, citing a 2010 immigration law that was subject to a legal challenge from the federal government. Fitzgibbon said Arizona leaders need to look at changing laws that he believes amount to racial profiling.

Talk about unsportsmanlike conduct.

A Washington state lawmaker took to Twitter on Sunday following a 17-10 loss by his beloved Seattle Seahawks to the Arizona Cardinals, ending Seattle’s 14-game home winning streak.

“Losing a football game sucks,” Democratic Rep. Joe Fitzgibbon wrote in a now-deleted message. “Losing to a desert racist wasteland sucks a lot.”

Fitzgibbon, who represents West Seattle, Burien, Vashon Island and White Center, removed the message a short time later and said he “shouldn’t have conflated” the two topics.

“Upset re hawks loss, and failure of smart immigration reform–shouldn’t have conflated the 2 though,” he wrote. “Happy holidays, better for both in ’14.”


Complete text linked here.

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