Illegal Immigration: History’s Greatest Wage Suppression Tool

When I was a kid I used to pray for the snowy days of winter. When the other kids were dreaming of a day free from the drudgery of school and the fun of sledding and snowmen, I was thinking of making money. Cold, hard cash from crumpled hands would fill my pockets as I worked the neighborhood trying to service as many neighbors or “clients” that I could.

Maybe some of the other former young entrepreneurs out there can relate to this quirk—I actually took the time to individually press my hard-earned fortune using the family iron so that all the bills would lie neatly and crisply in my Velcro wallet. I was a businessman like my dad. I provided a service at an agreed-upon price which was beneficial to all involved, and it was wonderful.

Today’s job market is radically different. Gone are the days of the local fast food restaurants and landscaping companies staffed by pimply-faced teens hoping to save for their first car. Children whose fathers have lost their jobs to outsourcing are now themselves competing against in-sourced labor. Invading armies of illegal immigrants who are dotting the landscape of America have surreptitiously been allowed to cross over into our borders. This has been, and continues to be, the largest cause of wage suppression in the country.


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